New Delhi, 22nd September 2023: Skye Air, Pioneering Drone Delivery Logistics Provider, has unveiled a groundbreaking analysis that sheds light on the immense potential of drone technology to reshape India’s agri-commodity landscape. Titled ” Transforming India’s Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Industry: Drone Delivery for Minimizing Wastage and Empowering Farmers,” this comprehensive report uncovers the staggering post-harvest wastage in the fresh fruits and vegetable sector and outlines how drone delivery can mitigate these challenges, improve farmers’ lives, and enhance the overall supply chain’s efficiency and sustainability.

India faces a pressing challenge with post-harvest losses in the fresh fruits and vegetable sector, amounting to a staggering 30-40% annually. These losses, valued at approximately Rs. 13,300 crores ($1.8 billion) according to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), stem from spoilage, inadequate storage facilities, inefficient transportation, and limited market access.

In the wake of these challenges, Skye Air’s analysis highlights the potential of drone-based delivery systems to revolutionize the agri-commodity industry. A pilot project conducted by the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) showcased a reduction of approximately 20% in wastage through the utilization of drones for transporting fresh produce, demonstrating the efficacy of this innovative solution.

“By shifting a significant portion of transportation from road to drone delivery, farmers can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and promote environmentally sustainable practices. The implementation of drone delivery in the fresh fruits and vegetable industry offers cost savings, time savings, and contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. These benefits enhance the profitability of farmers, enable quicker delivery of fresh produce, and promote environmental sustainability in the agricultural supply chain,” said Ankit Kumar, Founder & CEO, Skye Air.

Notably a study published in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Management (IJSRM) analyzed the impact of drone delivery on reducing wastage in the agriculture sector. The research showed that the implementation of drone-based delivery systems could potentially reduce post-harvest losses by up to 50%.

Embracing drone technology holds significant economic advantages for farmers, consumers, and the agri-commodity industry as a whole. The reduction in post-harvest losses translates to increased revenue for farmers, while consumers benefit from improved access to high-quality produce at stable prices. This shift towards more sustainable and efficient practices contributes to the overall growth of the sector and the nation’s GDP.