In recent years, ransomware has become one of the biggest cybersecurity threats faced by organizations. Threat actors are using increasingly sophisticated methods to infiltrate networks, encrypt data, and demand payment. According to CERT-In, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, ransomware incidents have increased in India by 53% in 2022 compared to incidents recorded in the prior year, resulting in the IT and ITeS sector being the most severely affected, followed by banking and manufacturing. The “India Ransomware Report 2022” states that in 2022, ransomware actors targeted companies that provide key infrastructure and interrupted critical services in an effort to pressure victims into paying ransom. Fortunately, there are cybersecurity companies that are leading the charge in combating these threats.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top companies that are revolutionizing how organizations combat ransomware threats.

Quick Heal

It is a global cybersecurity solutions provider. Its products are designed to manage IT security better across a wide range of platforms and devices. Its solutions can be tailored to fit the needs of consumers, small companies, governmental organizations, and corporate houses. The brand has spent 27 years concentrating its R&D on computer and network security solutions. Its current array of powerful machine learning-enabled solutions for cloud-based security thwarts threats, attacks, and malicious traffic before they happen.


Arete’s research team recently discovered a fraud campaign by a re-emerging actor dubbed “Midnight Group” specifically targeting organizations who previously fell victim to ransomware attacks. Transforming the way businesses and governments manage cyber risk through proven incident response, tech-enabled managed services, and powerful data insights. Working on the front lines of thousands of ransomware attacks and some of the largest nation-state attacks, their team combines hundreds of investigative, technical, and cyber risk management practitioners with best-in-class data and software engineers. They bring a relentless passion for innovation and a commitment to stopping cybercrime bring that same passion to positively impact the collective defense of businesses, governments, and infrastructure from cyber criminals and give back to the communities they serve.


It has been working towards making the world a safer place by delivering access to cloud-first, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. It protects email, networks, data, and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt to our customer’s journey. More than 200,000 organizations worldwide trust Barracuda, the company claims.

Collabera Digital

It is a digital engineering and technology consulting firm. With over 25 offices in 11 countries across Europe and APAC, it caters to 300+ clients including Fortune 500 companies. It offers a mix of engineering tech and talent solutions which includes platform engineering, cloud engineering, intelligent automation, and data engineering, among others.


Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and organizations must be proactive in protecting themselves against these threats. The cybersecurity companies mentioned above are leading the way in providing advanced threat detection and response services to help organizations combat ransomware attacks. With their expertise and innovative technology, these companies are revolutionizing how organizations approach cybersecurity and protecting against ransomware threats. It’s important for organizations to work with trusted cybersecurity providers to protect their critical data and operations.