coto and Voxxy Media come together to Empower Women Creators with Fair Content Ownership and Equal Opportunities

Mumbai, 18th May 2023: In today’s digital world, content creators have a significant global standing, impact and influence. Women creators, in particular, occupy a distinct niche by providing insightful and relatable content on diverse topics. However, they often encounter significant barriers as they are disproportionately subjected to online harassment and trolling, undermining their safety and security in digital spaces. These ongoing challenges have a profound impact, hindering their ability to express themselves freely, share their work, and thrive.

To address this, coto – a social community platform by women, for women, built on web3 principles has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Voxxy Media, a global influencer management agency with an extensive presence in India, South East Asia & beyond. The association addresses the challenges that women creators face in today’s global influencer landscape, such as burnout, lack of shared value creation, slow growth and struggling to get noticed or engagement on their profiles. With this partnership, women creators will get access to fair and equitable opportunities on coto.

Voxxy’s expertise in the influencer industry has enabled them to build successful campaigns and partnerships across the region, making them a trusted partner for creators and brands alike. From India to Southeast Asia and beyond, this partnership has the potential to create a truly global community of empowered women creators who are making their mark in the digital world.

Tarun Katial, Founder & CEO, coto, said, “We at coto have always believed in purpose-led partnerships. And through this association with Voxxy Media, we aim to create a responsible virtual environment for women influencers that incentivizes and equalizes digital value creation. This partnership not only creates a safe space for women influencers but also imparts them with the lessons of content ownership and influencer entrepreneurship. Together, we will provide women creators with a platform that enables them to build their communities, own their content, and earn a fair share of building together with coto”.

Kulbir Sachdev, Founder & CEO, Voxxy Media, said, “At Voxxy Media, we aim to empower creators and boost the influencer economy by giving them equitable opportunities to showcase and monetize their content. We are positive that our partnership with coto will give a platform to women influencers from different backgrounds and genres where they can have ownership of their content and build & grow their communities with ease.”

Priya Ahuja, a fitness freak mom blogger said, “The rise of mainstream social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube has given a major push to content creators to connect with a global audience. However, there are still many disparities between men and women content creators in terms of compensation, higher possibility of online threats against women and more. This makes my association with coto more liberating and valuable. As a creator, we are free to discuss any topic without any fears or stress of being judged or trolled online. Moreover, I also get the opportunity to monetize through my content with coto’s reward-based referral program – coto Gains. The program gives women creators an edge and a chance to grow together with the platform.”

Shreya Gupta, Food and Travel Blogger, who has her coto community ‘Foodies Unite’ said, “As a woman in the food and travel blogging industry, I have encountered several challenges in the influencer landscape. But I’m positive to see the industry slowly becoming more inclusive and welcoming to diverse voices. It’s crucial that women in this space support and uplift each other, and that brands recognise and fairly compensate the value that we bring to the table as content creators and influencers. I’m grateful for brands like coto and Voxxy Media who provide women creators like me with a platform to make our voices heard and compete with the best talent out there.”

By combining coto’s innovative social community platform exclusively for women and Voxxy Media’s expertise in influencer management, the partnership will revolutionize the way creators are seen and valued. With a focus on shared value creation and meaningful communities, coto provides creators with a platform to build together and own together, while Voxxy Media brings a wealth of experience and connections to help creators get the recognition they deserve. With this token-led partnership, coto and Voxxy Media are further strengthening their commitment to creator monetisation.

coto will allocate a majority of tokens through coto Gains – the platform’s reward-based referral program. Through coto Gains (tokens), creators can participate in the economic growth, and it also results in the financial empowerment of women.

Since launch, coto has established 7000+ thriving communities run by women all over the world. Over 200,000 women use the app today and discuss diverse topics across genres – from mental health, sex, menstrual hygiene, finance, fashion, beauty, and fitness to parenting, food, travel, and social impact.

Voxxy Media represents a diverse group of creators in 6+ countries in India, SEA and beyond across a range of genres, including lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness, and more. With this partnership, Voxxy’s creators will now have the opportunity to build their own meaningful communities on coto and own their content.