Colive, BCD & Portea join hands to launch India’s first Rental Retirement Retreat, called “Vanaprastha”

: Colive, India’s largest rental exchange platform, has launched the country’s first rental retirement retreat. Titled Vanaprastha, the initiative is inspired by the vedic-age doctrine of relaxed dwelling in the forest once an individual has crossed the threshold of societal responsibilities (retired).

The project is a unique initiative between Colive, BCD & Portea Medical. Vanaprastha is situated in a gated community developed by BCD Group, one of India’s oldest & largest realty conglomerates. Adding a much-needed touch of medical security, is the presence of onsite healthcare support, in the form of general physicians, nurses, physiotherapists & an ambulance provided by Portea – India’s largest out-of-hospital healthcare brand. With a mission to “Heal at home”, the medical team at Portea will ensure that the residents at Colive Vanaprastha always have the necessary first aid, primary care, and golden hour treatment available at hand.

And that’s not all – should the need arise for a resident to be hospitalized or connected with a specialist, both out-patient & in-patient admissions are just a call away.

Bangalore has enjoyed a position of pride as the “city of choice” for retired couples since the nineties, thanks to its moderate, soothing weather and picturesque topography, which in turn promote faster natural recovery from chronic ailments in seniors. However, the ecosystem of retirement homes in the entire country has hitherto been limited to a “buy-only” regime, which reduces flexibility of movement for seniors. The introduction of a rental option is expected to provide much-needed relief to those who require both flexibility & long-stay benefits when it comes to staying in a retirement community of like-minded peers.

The brands involved in the initiative also have a vested interest in removing the taboo associated otherwise with assisted living & the dreaded “vruddhashram” philosophy, and are invested in creating a holistic & fulfilling lifestyle for citizens in their golden years. This includes an enhanced focus on building hyperlocal cultural communities that make it easier for seniors to blend in with their peers & indulge in social spoils that they need the most.

“Everyone loves the idea of being young & surrounded by friends again, and we at Colive have leveraged our expertise in crafting joy for India’s youth, to create an unforgettable experience for the country’s beloved adult
++ populace. The association with Portea Medical has enabled us to offer a medically secure retirement community, and we’re grateful to both teams that decided to join hands when we envisioned the next big frontier in India’s residential rental space.”

– Suresh Rangarajan (Founder & CEO, Colive)

The experiential stay at Colive Vanaprastha is augmented by the presence of community delights such as a library, a jogging track, a rec-center & other prime hallmarks, developed by the BCD group, a force to reckon with in the Indian real estate space.

“The BCD Group is proud to have partnered for Vanaprastha- a project that is set to redefine how retirees in India spend their latter half of life. With a sizeable chunk of India’s elderly population living in isolation, this project will help seniors enhance their quality of life & tap into their full lifestyle potential. We’ve always believed in adding value and our legacy of 75 years is a testament to it. Enveloped with the best-in-class medical care & wholesome community benefits, this project will be a game changer for how the elderly live in Bengaluru.”

– Angad Singh Bedi (Promoter & MD, BCD Group)

With nuclear families and the compulsion for younger generations to settle in different cities or countries due to professional reasons, there is a rising need to provide a quality living experience for the Adult++ citizens in India. At Portea, we believe in offering services and facilities that empower these Super Citizens to live independently with adequate self-care guidance, and on-call medical support. Through our path-breaking partnership with Colive, we have taken a step towards creating a world-class medically secure living experience for the Super Citizens in India. As a partner, Portea will take care of the healthcare support in the co-living apartments set under the Vanaprastha initiative. We will provide physiotherapy sessions 2-3 times a week, nursing facilities, doctors on call, medical equipment, and various other necessary facilities. The aim is to ensure a dignified, comfortable and healthy co-living experience for the Adult++ generation.

– Vaibhav Tewari, (Co-Founder & CEO, Portea Medical)

Reservations at Vanaprastha are vetted by a team at Colive, and users have an option of registering either via the official website, or through a consultation with a relationship manager.