CIE at IIITH startup PiStarTech wins "best idea" award at Aarambh 2022

Hyderabad 05 December 2022: CIE at IIITH startup PiStarTech’s CEO Anis Fatema won “Best Idea” award at Aarambh 2022, a national entrepreneurship conclave organized on 26-27 November by Harcourt Butler Technical University (HBTU), Kanpur.

Anis Fatema, whose startup has been incubated at CIE for a year now and is part of the Nidhi Prayas program, has created “Flexible Podiatry System (FlePS) Mat”, a digital automated foot scanning system that provides complete plantar pressure analysis. The highly affordable and advanced patented flexible technology provides the complete plantar pressure analysis in just 5 secs. A doctor with this technology is able to diagnose the problem, track the patient’s progress and also prescribe customized insoles according to the orthotics. The FLePS Mat helps doctors gauge accurate data via a thorough plantar pressure analysis of the foot, which includes static, dynamic, and stabilometry analysis via a RRR functionality (Recognize – Restore – Reinforce). Recognize the root cause of the problem by providing a complete foot pressure analysis. Restore the patient’s health by providing evidence-based rehab treatment and tracking progress throughout. Reinforce treatment using the doctor’s prescribed customized insoles for relief and performance enhancement.

She was selected from a total of 650 entrees, of which 103 participations pitched their ideas at the conclave through 2 rounds – an initial pitching round, followed by an investor round. The jury comprised of representatives from HBTU, Venture Catalysts and iCreate team. Among the 3 categories of the contest (Idea, Prototype and Product), Fatema won the ideation round and was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 60,000.

Commenting on her achievement, Prakash Yalla, Professor of Practise at IIITH’s Tech Transfer Office (TTO) said, “We are very happy to see some traction and success from our efforts to seed hardware startups through the Nidhi Prayas maker program at CIE. Hoping to see more products in the market succeed”.

Anis Fatema said, “The most prestigious moment for me was when Smt. Neha Jain, IAS officer of Kanpur Dehat, got her foot screening done on the FlePS mat and appreciated the idea of designing such a device for the doctors. I was overjoyed when all the investors got their foot screening done and appreciated the idea. The representative of iCreate (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology) also agreed to support our startup through their platform.”