New Delhi, September 20, 2023: Backed by over 225 years of experience with its parent brand, Binge on Baked (BOB), led by the eighth generation of Bhagat Halwai, enters India’s snacks market with its product basket full of healthy and scrumptious goodies. Since BOB has strategically chosen the festive season to embark on its journey, a vast range of cookies in evocative flavours will be the first to rule retail shelves across India.

Intends to revolutionise India’s food and snacks sector, combining classic recipes with modern flavours, BOB is quite optimistic about carving a distinct niche in the INR 38,600+ Cr market, experiencing a compound annual growth rate of more than 10%. Ms. Riddhi Bhagat, Founder & concept leader of BOB, is determined to astound Indian epicures with an ambrosial snacking range comprising cookies, cakes, puffs, pizza crusts, bread, buns, rusks and other delectable snacks like baked mathi, baked potato wafers, baked aloo bhujiya and many more.

While briefing on BOB’s launch plan, Riddhi Bhagat said, “Though we are new into this segment, our presence in the food market as Bhagat Halwai is not just recognised but identical to India’s cultural evolution since 1795. Our priorities in choosing pure and mostly organic ingredients have been unchanged since inception, and the same values will be translated into BOB. We have tactfully employed technology in the packaging and quality control; however, most of the culinary practices are manual to retain the sublime taste and flavour of the quality ingredients.”

“We are planning a rather extensive product ranger, but right now, we are coming up with a variety of cookies. Available in more than a dozen of gratifying flavours, including chocochip, almond, fresh coconut, and red velvet, BOB intends to raise healthy competition in the market by offering delightful experiences to its customers,” Bhagat added.

Committed to delivering mouth-watering yet healthiest binging experiences to quality-conscious consumers of new India, BOB emphasises clubbing classic recipes with modern flavours through its diverse product portfolio.