Bangalore, Karnataka, September 11, 2023: Bettamint, a construction tech startup, announces the launch of its innovative application, that is set to transform the way construction companies engage with their informal workforce. Anchored in a vision to unlock the vast potential of the informal economy, the platform helps accelerate construction through its comprehensive digital environment ensuring that both builders and their frontline workers thrive together.

Speaking about the launch, Kezya De Braganca, Founder of Bettamint stated that “Bettamint leverages technology to address industry wide challenges including labour shortages, low productivity, high attrition and unpredictable quality. We want to solve this problem in an inclusive way where we empower millions of informal construction workers by enhancing their skills, reach, employability, earnings and quality of life; transforming individual workers to highly engaged, actively contributing, well incentivised participants in the project. We are creating irresistible value for every stakeholder, so that we can propel the industry forward.”

The app has gained early revenues and on its way to sustainable self -funded growth within just two months of its launch, and is designed to tackle the complexities construction companies face in efficiently sourcing and managing their informal labour force. Bettamint offers builders a seamless interface to digitize their workforce operations while also reaping the benefits of increased productivity, improved quality, reduced attrition, and enhanced project timelines.

Reflecting on Prestige Group’s construction arm, K2K Infrastructure’s commitment, Noorul Ameen, Chief Executive Officer at K2K Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd, remarked, “Throughout our journey at K2K Infrastructure, our dedication to elevating our workforce has been unwavering. They’re the backbone of every structure that stands tall today. Our mission has always been to raise the bar for industry standards and to prioritize the well-being and skill development of our workers. Bettamint seamlessly aligns with this vision. Its innovative solution not only streamline our operations but also empower our informal workforce with tools and opportunities previously out of reach. In partnering with Bettamint, we are not just embracing technology, but we’re also taking a significant step towards nurturing talent and setting new benchmarks for the entire construction landscape.”

Highlighting the product’s long-term vision, Kezya De Bragança articulated, “We humbly stand at the frontiers of a new wave of unprecedented digital transformation and the more we develop the product, the more we realise the enormity of our opportunity to add value. We feel privileged to be in service of the industry; by aiding workers in building authenticated records of their experience and earnings, we’re creating the largest most extensive, trusted repository of invaluable data for a demographic that until now, has been scarcely understood. This data allows us to usher in host of digital products and services that is currently out of reach to the entire population such as affordable finance, early salary, education, healthcare, skill development, and welfare services, fundamentally enhancing their lives. We envision an industry where workers excel in skills, safety protocols, quality standards, and professional ethics, incentivised by unparalleled benefits and rewards. As we move towards this reality, we also streamline manpower operations for construction companies, enhancing the quality of their output and establishing a more predictable project pace. In essence, we are not just fueling professionalism in the industry but also improving the quality of lives of construction workers moving towards a shared future where everyone wins. While India remains our primary focus at present, the scalability and adaptability of our model primes us for potential expansion into similar demographics in other emerging economies.”

The launch of Bettamint comes as a much-needed breakthrough in the construction industry, providing a vital link between reputable construction companies and skilled, reliable, and verified workers. With its unique offerings and vision, and backed by the leading builders in the country, Bettamint is poised to revolutionize the way the construction industry manages its informal workforce and paving the way for a greater industry growth and economic prosperity for millions.

Commenting on the launch Angie Mathaney, Chief Business Mentor, Brigade REAP remarked “Bettamint is solving the issue of worker attrition and management, a problem that has been plaguing the construction industry for years. We’re excited to partner and support Bettamint in this growth phase of the business.”

Discussing Bettamint’s impact Mallanna Sasalu, Chief Executive Officer Provident Housing Ltd. commented “Had the opportunity to evaluate Bettamint and I must say it addresses an important aspect of our business which is labour onboarding, increasing labour efficiency, availability and continuity. This tool comprehensively covers these aspects which is good for business. More importantly it brings predictability in the lives of labour resulting in their wellbeing. “

Over the next two years, Bettamint aims to invest an undisclosed amount in three phases, initiating operations in several cities, starting with Bangalore in Karnataka, and gradually expanding its reach to cover the whole of South India before embarking on a pan India journey.