World Cities Culture Forum

India, July 28, 2023: In a historic moment for the city, Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), often hailed as India’s Silicon Valley and recognized as the country’s fastest-growing metropolis, is set to become a city partner of the prestigious World Cities Culture Forum (WCCF). World Cities Culture Forum is an influential global network of creative cities placing culture at the heart of city planning and investment. The announcement marks Bengaluru as the only Indian city to join the ranks of over 40 major global cities spanning six continents in the WCCF. Bengaluru will be proudly represented by Mr. Prashanth Prakash, the eminent visionary behind the UnboxingBLR Foundation.

Bengaluru joins global leaders like London, New York, Lagos, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris in tapping into shared knowledge and best practices on issues ranging from climate change to protecting affordable workspace and developing strategies for cultural tourism and the night-time economy – reflecting the essential role of culture in the future prosperity of cities. This announcement underscores Bengaluru’s burgeoning global influence and its rise as a hub of innovation, creativity, and culture. From preserving its architectural heritage to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit in its vibrant start-up community, culture lies at the very heart of Bengaluru’s identity.