Revolutionizing banking services as per customer’s convenience and personalization, anytime, anywhere

Video Banking_AU

New Delhi/Hyderabad/Mumbai, August 7, 2023: Transforming the landscape of banking services, AU Small Finance Bank (AU SFB), India’s largest SFB, has achieved an unprecedented feat with the launch of its groundbreaking customer service 24×7 via Video Banking.

A trailblazer in the financial sector, AU Small Finance Bank proudly becomes the pioneer in India to introduce tailor-made video assisted branch-like experience, delivering a seamless banking right at customers’ fingertips, regardless of time or location (seven days a week). This service provides a virtual platform where customers can communicate with a video banker in real-time via video calls, like video conferencing.

Security stands paramount in the realm of Video Banking, with AU Small Finance Bank raising the bar with advanced encryption, AI-powered facial recognition, OTP and signature verification, and video validation. Every transaction and confidential piece of information is meticulously safeguarded, ensuring customers can engage with the platform with the utmost confidence.

Now, AU SFB’s customers could revel in the convenience of services such as real-time account support, demographic updates, hassle-free financial transactions, effortless loans and Credit Card inquiries, efficient issue resolution related to all banking relationships, and beyond.

AU SFB’s Video Banking transcends the conventional, catering effortlessly to a diverse spectrum of customer segments within the domestic market. In essence, AU’s 24×7 Video Banking extends the reach of banking services to areas with limited infrastructure and resources, offering a convenient and personalized banking experience that addresses the unique needs of tech-savvy millennials, new to banking customers, busy professionals, and senior citizens alike.

Encapsulating the bank’s digital first vision, Mr. Uttam Tibrewal, Executive Director, AU Small Finance Bank said, “AU Small Finance Bank’s foray into round-the-clock Video Banking represents a paradigm shift in modern banking. Even on holidays and weekends, AU’s dedicated team would ensure face-to-face, human-centric interactions, underscoring the bank’s commitment to enhancing nationwide banking experiences. We empower our customers in this digital epoch by elevating accessibility and convenience to unparalleled heights.”

Since its inception in 2021, Video Banking platform has enjoyed an overwhelming response, with an ever-growing number of customers across the nation embracing the tailored convenience and personalized support it offers. Notably, the most sought-after services through Video Banking include starting new Savings Account, Current Account and Credit Card relationship; getting all service-related resolutions; financial transactions; and end-to-end relationship management, drawing in a dedicated cohort of Lakhs of active users. Bolstered by an unwavering commitment to excellence, AU Small Finance Bank continuously augments and enriches its offerings, extending a multitude of benefits to its esteemed clientele.