ABP Majha completes 15 years of broadcast

India’s leading Marathi news channel ABP Majha, from the house of ABP Network, completes 15 years on air. ABP Majha was launched on 22ndJune, 2007, as Star Majha and quickly engrossed the Marathi audience through its eloquent coverage of news and daily events. The channel was renamed as ABP Majha on 1stJune, 2012 and its logo was changed in 2020. Since its inception, ABP Majhahas become synonymous with Maharashtra’s voice, as the thoughtfully designed editorial properties and capsules have brought the state and its state of affairs closer to every Marathi viewer across the globe.

In these 15 years,ABP Majha has built state-of-the-art studios andits relentless reporters & outstanding anchors have presented authentic and fearless news using the most advanced technologies in TV and news broadcasting. The channel has become an integral part of Maharashtra’s everyday life as they cater to the aspirations and needs of the Marathi people.

Apart from being Maharashtra’s go-to channel for news, ABP Majha has also taken up various social causes that resonate deeply with their viewers. It’s extensive programming on issues like Draughts, Dowry, School Education, Swachh Maharashtra, Digital Maharashtra, Farmers and Agriculture and COVID management have earned immense support and backing of their esteemed viewers. ABP Majha has also partnered with NGOs like CRY and UN bodies including UNICEF, to organise donation drives like BappaMajhaDukhhartaBalkancha and a special drive with UNICEF to support the families affected by the pandemic.

ABP Majha has hit some major milestones during this 15-year journey. Its flagship talk-show Majha Katta, which started in 2012, recently completed its 10 years with a special on-ground conclave – MajhaMaha Katta. MajhaSanmanPuraskar also successfully completed 10 editions since first airing in 2010. ABP Majha has also taken the lead in presenting the celebrations surrounding Ganesh Chaturthi with its extensive award-winning annual coverage spanning over 13 days. The channel enjoyed exceptional ratings – 33% MS during the airing of Majha Maharashtra Majha Vision, 2019. It also enjoys a commanding position in the digital sphere with its YouTube channel garnering 282.8 million views. ABP Majha has witnessed 28% YoY growth, making it the only Marathi news channel to observe the highest increment in reach on YouTube.