As part of a major sponsorship program with Delhi Capitals, the global brand of the investment services Octa outlines the traits that both cricketers and investors need to succeed in their fields.

Octa, a principal sponsor of Delhi Capitals, found out that cricket and investing are much closer to each other than is thought of them.

‘When deciding on our sponsorship of one of the most promising teams in the IPL, we did our research. Surprisingly, we found many exciting interceptions between the worlds of cricket and investing. A professional cricket player and a professional investor share several traits that explain their success and might be useful to adopt—to improve both playing and investing,’ the Octa press office said.

What traits do professional cricketers and investors share?

Here are five such traits identified by Octa.

● Focus

Focus is essential to getting consistent results throughout the match for a cricketer. So it is for a professional investor at the time of securing a deal in the rapidly changing market. Both have their target in mind and do not let any irrelevant factors distract them.

● Attention to detail

As in cricket, small things often turn out to be most important when it comes to investing. Professional cricketers have great attention to detail in their training, reviewing matches with their coaches, and even their daily routine. Professional investors notice the smallest events and news pieces that might affect the markets to constantly improve their strategies and enhance their portfolio performance.

● Commitment

Being one of the qualities that Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting highlighted in his first speech of the 2022 IPL season, commitment is something that both cricketers and investors require to succeed in what they do. Everyone has it in the beginning, but are they ready to remain committed all through the tournament or the long-term investment deal? Commitment is what defines success during the tense and demanding period of work.

● Dealing with emotions

Investors have to deal with fear, greed, and hope on a daily basis, while cricketers continuously battle performance anxiety and competitive stress. Confidence to perform or trade is what those professionals seek to improve their results. It usually comes from a long time of preparation and education. Just as cricketers have to hone their skills to the point when they are sure of themselves before entering the field, investors should educate themselves and create strategies they are confident in, before entering the market.

● Analysis

Both cricketers and investors constantly analyse their performance. Knowing what went well during a match or an investment deal and what didn’t is fundamental to improving their results going forward.

To conclude, producing outstanding results in both cricket and investing requires a professional approach, to develop which athletes and investors can adopt the traits listed above. You don’t have to be a professional cricketer to start thinking like one. As for the world of investment, even Warren Buffett did not become successful overnight—first, he developed his unique thinking.

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