TSG Hotels & Resorts

In continuation of its commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the TSG Hotels & Resorts in association with TSG Foundation NGO organized a heartwarming event for the childrens of Pranab Kanya Sangha on Thursday under it’s initiative #TSGCares.
TSG Hotels & Resorts, renowned for its exquisite cuisine and a strong commitment to the community, graciously treated the childrens with a nourishing meal. The aim was to bring smiles on the faces of the childrens and to reaffirm their worth and demonstrate society’s care and concern for them.

The event showcased TSG Group’s commitment to promote the well-being and happiness of underprivileged youth.

During the event, the staffs of TSG Hotels & Resorts had the opportunity to engage with the childrens fostering a warm and welcoming ambiance.

TSG Hotels & Resorts has always held a deep regard for its social responsibilities, and this event is yet another witness to their dedication towards uplifting society.

The management of the orphanage extended their heartfelt appreciation to TSG Hotels & Resorts for their constant support in nurturing the children’s lives.

The Managing Director of TSG Hotels & Resorts Mr. TSG Bhasker expressed his gratitude towards Pranab Kanya Sangha for allowing to organize this wonderful programme and providing them with the opportunity to interact with the young childrens.

Mr. Dakshin Bhasker, Director of TSG Hotels & Resorts, Mr. Mohinder Bhatia, ProMallier, Mr. Chiranjeet Das, General Manager, Mr. Abhishek Mondal, Manager, F&B and several others were present on the occasion.