Bhaskar Sigha Alka Bhurshandi

“Realms of Peace” solo art exhibition by celebrated artist Bhasker Singha was inaugurated on August 1st at the Visual Arts Gallery, located in the India Habitat Center on Lodhi Road, New Delhi. The Show the curated by Sujata Soni Bai

Bhasker Singha’s artistic vision is deeply inspired by the ever-changing shape of the wind. Each of his creations is viewed as part of a universal cycle, representing a beautiful harmony with nature. Painting serves as a meditative practice for the artist, offering him solace and a means to express his emotions through a vibrant symphony of colors, forms, and figures. His art transcends worldly illusions, bringing spiritual satisfaction to both the artist and the audience.

The ceremonial lamp lighting marked the beginning of “Realms of Peace,” with esteemed guests Showana Narayan, Sunit Tandon, Tirthaker Biswas, Sushma Behl, and Suneet Tandon adding a touch of significance to the occasion. The event also witnessed the presence of distinguished attendee Niren Sen Gupta, who joined in celebrating the artist’s incredible talent. she says “Realms of Peace” exhibition showcases a collection of Bhasker Singha’s thought-provoking artworks that embody his core philosophy of unity, love, and peace. The artworks convey a powerful message of embracing a world where all are part of one big family.

Artist Bhaskar Singha says about his works it is an invitation to embrace unity and inclusivity. Inspired by the ancient Sanskrit phrase “VASUDHA EKA KUTUMBAKAM,” which translates to “the world is one family,”
Bhasker Singha’s journey as an artist is one of determination and passion, overcoming challenges to establish himself as a respected figure in the Delhi art scene. His art has touched the hearts of many, resonating with audiences across boundaries.

The exhibition “Realms of Peace” will be open to the public from August 1st to August 5th, 2023.-