NLC Bharat gathers momentum as eminent leaders converge in Mumbai for Visioning exercise

Mumbai, Maharashtra – The National Legislators’ Conference Bharat (NLC Bharat), which is scheduled to take place on June 15, 16, and 17 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, will serve as a platform for Indian legislators to exchange knowledge and insights. The non-partisan conference aims to strengthen the capacities of legislative bodies in Bharat’s states and union territories, as well as improve their operational and managerial effectiveness. Furthermore, NLC Bharat aims to promote interstate co-operation and collaboration through co-learning, training of legislative staff, and information exchange amongst legislative bodies.

In anticipation of the momentous occasion, a Visioning Exercise was convened on May 3, 2023, at the prestigious Jio Convention Centre. Eminent legislators, such asSmt Sumitra Mahajan- Former Speaker Lok Sabha, Mr. ShivrajPatil- Former Speaker, Lok Sabha, Mr. Rahul Karad- Executive President, MIT-WPU, Mr. Rahul Narvekar- Speaker, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Mr. Kuldeep Singh Pathania- Speaker, Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Mr. Anil Gupta- Padmashri CSIR Bhatnagar fellow founder of Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, GIAN, and NIF, Mr. P.D.T Achary- Ex. Secretary, General Lok Sabha, Dr.ManishaKayande- Hon’ble MLC, Shiv Sena Maharashtra, Mr. AnantSinghaniya- President, IMC, Mr. ShrikantBhartiya- Hon’ble MLC, BJP, Maharashtra, Mr. Vikram Kale – Hon’ble MLC, NCP, Latur, Maharashtra, Mr. KapilPatil- Hon’ble MLC Maharashtra, Mr. BabajaniDurrani- MLC(NCP), Ex MLA from Pathri-Selu constituency were in attendance to deliberate and generate ideas for the forthcoming conference. One of the conference’s primary goals is to showcase the legislators’ best practices for mutual learning.

During the three-day duration of NLC Bharat, the parallel panel discussions are set to comprise comprehensive discourse around ten themes. The discussions will cover various topics, such as utilising technology for economic growth, displaying praiseworthy international legislative practices, exploring ways for bureaucrats and legislators to collaborate for social betterment, among others. Each session shall comprise 40-odd legislators, presided over by distinguished figures such as the Speaker or Chairperson of the Legislature, the Leader of the Opposition, or the Parliamentary Affairs Minister.

The summit will start with discussions on developing constituencies through political strategies, followed by sessions on promoting sustainable development through flagship programs, supporting vulnerable populations with welfare schemes, fostering collaborations for social good, and managing time and office to maintain a healthy work-life balance. These topics have been selected to offer a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s politicians. The conference aims to facilitate productive collaboration between bureaucrats, legislators, and civil society to promote social welfare and attain the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Lastly, in its effort to promote best practices and mutual learning, NLC Bharat will provide a platform to legislators from all states and union territories of Bharat to share their experiences and success stories. The platform will not only highlight the effective strategies implemented by the legislators but also enable the attendees to gain insights into the unique challenges faced by different regions and how they were overcome. Through these best practices sharing sessions, the attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of their peers, adopt successful models, and adapt them to their respective regions to achieve optimal results. Additionally, this showcase will also recognise the achievements of the legislators and encourage them to continue their efforts towards better governance and social welfare.