New Delhi, 28th June 2023: A soulful presentation of the evergreen melodies sung by Bharat Ratna (Late) Lata Mangeshkar is being presented by NCPA on 7th July at Tata Theatre. Conceptualised by Odissi exponent, Shubhada Varadkar, the performance brings to life Lata Didi’s musical genius through the language of classical dance – Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Manipuri.

Shubhada Varadkar is known for her exquisite choreography and profound storytelling. Together, with dancers from other classical genres, she has curated a captivating performance that will transport the audience on a nostalgic journey through Lata Didi’s iconic songs and abhangs (devotional songs). Drawing inspiration from the melodies that defined Lata Didi’s career, the talented artists including popular Marathi actors Amruta Khanvilkar and Urmila Kanetkar – will weave together a tapestry of emotions, bringing to life the magic of her timeless music through the power of movement and expression.

Swapnokalpa Dasgupta, Head of Dance Programming at NCPA, said, “The NCPA is dedicated to providing a platform for all artists to showcase their talent and creativity. We strive to create an inclusive space where artists can freely express themselves, and audiences can experience the richness of diverse artistic expressions. The dance tribute, ‘Ram Rata Dhan’ is our humble effort to honor the legacy of Lata Mangeshkar and express our gratitude for touching the lives of countless music enthusiasts.”

“Lata Mangeshkar’s music is a treasure trove of emotions, and her voice continues to touch the deepest corners of our souls. We aim to pay homage to the ‘Nightingale of India’ for the everlasting impact on generations of music lovers through this tribute. We hope to convey the beauty and emotion of her songs through the universal language of dance, ensuring that her musical legacy lives on forever,” said Guru Shubhada Varadkar, Odissi exponent and curator of Ram Ratan Dhan.

Showcasing the magic of Lata didi’s musical repertoire, Guru Shubhada Varadkar along with disciples from her Sanskrita Foundation will be joined by reputed classical dancers including Guru Latasana Devi, Swapnokalpa Dasgupta, Sarmistha Chattopadhya, Piyush Raj, Amruta Khanvilkar, Urmila Kanetkar, Attrayee Chowdhury, Mitali Varadkar, Shreya Sabharwal, Purbita Mukherjee, Sama Burte Nadkarni, Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pooja Pant and Pooja Pant Dance company, and Pavitra Bhat & disciples.

NCPA invites audiences to experience the magic of Lata Mangeshkar’s music in a unique and unforgettable way. Audiences can expect an enchanting evening that seamlessly blends the grace of dance with the timeless melodies that have become an integral part of Indian music history.