New Delhi, July 12, 2023: Zeon Lifesciences, a prominent, multi-client Nutraceuticals Products manufacturer in India is delighted to announce that it has been acknowledged as one of the Best Healthcare Brands in 2023 by The Economic Times.

The organisation’s recognition stems from its commitment to innovation, rigorous healthcare standards, consumer satisfaction, responsibility, and dedication.

The Economic Times Best Healthcare Brands 2023 initiative aims to realise healthcare innovations and underline the efforts of industry leaders. In the post covid era, emphasis on research and development and fostering innovation has become increasingly crucial in the healthcare segment.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Zeon Lifesciences, Yashna Garg has played an elementary role in driving Zeon Lifesciences’ success within the competitive nutraceutical industry. Her visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and unprecedented commitment to offering high-quality health and wellness products have earned this recognition to the company.

Sharing her gratitude for the accolade, Yashna Garg said “We are honoured to receive this prestigious award as one of The Best Healthcare Brands of 2023 by The Economic Times. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to ensuring better health and a brighter future across the globe. We will continue our endeavours to make a lasting impact in India’s healthcare segment in the years to come.

”Besides our ecosystem partners, we are committed to national and state government policies and initiatives aimed at creating a more equitable and inclusive healthcare system for all,” added Ms Garg.

As a research-oriented organisation, Zeon is devoted to scientific research and development initiatives aimed at uncovering new ingredients, improving product efficacy, and enhancing the overall quality of their nutraceuticals.

This involves alliances with academic institutions, scientific experts, and other industry partners. Zeon also aims to expand its market presence both domestically and internationally, which involves expanding distribution networks, penetrating new markets, and fortifying partnerships with distributors and retailers.