Aishwarya Trust

Bengaluru, 14th November: Committed to the cause of creating more awareness across the country about under-privileged children suffering from Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), Strata Property Management, India’s leading proptech platform enabling commercial real estate investment through fractional ownership, has partnered with Aishwarya Trust, the largest NGO dedicated to the cause of CHD treatment. Taking the most celebrated occasion of Children’s Day, Strata launched a campaign, #InvestInABeat, reaching out to its customers to support children with CHD to undergo successful surgeries. In addition, Strata has committed to the sponsorship of children from the foundation.

Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) is one of the most common congenital disabilities (also known as Blue Baby Syndrome) present at birth in kids. Present in about eight children in every 1,000, this condition has become one of India’s leading causes of infant mortality. Over 200,000 children are born with congenital heart disease in India each year, which is rising yearly. Although CHD treatment has improved and the survival rate has grown, treatment costs are still out of reach for children from low-income families. We also support pediatric heart transplants and have supported 135 heart transplants for children / young adults so far.

Through this partnership, Strata aims to create maximum awareness about the seriousness of this issue and extend its humble efforts in helping underprivileged kids receive quality treatment for this life-threatening condition.

Regarding the partnership, Sudarshan Lodha, Cofounder & CEO Strata, said, “When I first interacted with Ms. Viswanathan from Aishwarya Trust, I was inspired by her commitment and will towards changing the lives of these underprivileged kids. Being a father myself, it has been a heart-touching experience to hear the life story of these infants and young kids, and we at Strata decided to partner with Aishwarya Trust for this noble cause.

We intend to do everything in our capacity to spread maximum awareness about this situation and urge all our users to consider this noble action of helping a young child live a healthy and happy life. My team at Strata and I intend to strive along with Aishwarya Trust in their noble cause sincerely.”

Speaking on the partnership, Chitra Viswanathan, the Managing Trustee & Co-founder of Aishwarya Trust, said, “We founded Aishwarya Trust to support the underprivileged kids in living a healthy and happy life which otherwise could not have afforded this life-saving treatment. Through this initiative, we have successfully helped over 5000 underprivileged kids treat CHD and pledge to continue our efforts in the direction of helping more and more such kids in the future.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to team Strata for their immense support in raising awareness about CHD. We are committed to working with them to build a healthier future generation of India.”

The donations for this cause would start from as little as INR 100, and donors can donate as per their will. The trust also offers an option of adopting a child’s treatment cost, wherein a donor would bear end to end cost of surgery, medicines, hospitalization, and other associated costs for a particular child. Aishwarya Trust uses 100% of the donations for the treatment costs, and no operational or organizational fees are deducted at any step.