Kolkata, 3rd July, 2023: A cutting-edge diagnostic facility has been established in Kolkata thanks to a partnership between CPathlabs, a Hyderabad headquartered leading provider of diagnostic solutions, and Calcutta Medical Centre (CMC), the highly esteemed pathological laboratory of the city. By delivering state-of-the-art diagnostics and individualized care to the local population, this collaboration represents a significant milestone in improving healthcare services in the state.

By combining their knowledge, resources and dedication to quality, CPathlabs and Calcutta Medical Centre have formed a collaboration that will give the people of Kolkata access to top-notch diagnostic services. A wide range of medical specializations are covered by the newly created Diagnostic Centre’s mission to provide precise, effective and complete diagnostic solutions.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed today by Dr Ranjani Chakravarty, Managing Director, CPathlabs & Dr Istiaque Ahmed, Director, Calcutta Medical Centre Ltd for the formation of CMC Cpathlabs. Present for the occasion were Chief Guest, Sr. Dr Michael M.C., Missionaries Of Charity, Dr. A R Krishna Prasad, Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Dr Raghib Hasnain, Director, Calcutta Medical Centre.

The Diagnostic Centre will be equipped with the most up-to-date, advanced technology, focusing on innovation and technical developments, enabling the accurate and prompt detection of various medical disorders. Patients will gain access to a comprehensive range of treatments, including specialized consultations, genetic testing, CT Scan, Ultrasonography, Cardiology, Digital X-ray, pathology analysis and advanced imaging procedures, all under one roof.

For the first time, molecular Diagnostics with Polymerized chain reaction method and histopathology tests will be done in West Bengal from this centre. People residing in South & North Bengal too will be able to avail these facilities, thus reducing the turnaround time of receiving the test – reports.

“We are happy to tie up with Calcutta Medical Centre for this cutting-edge Diagnostic Centre. We would offer precise diagnoses, personalized treatment regimens and improved patient outcomes by pooling our experience, expertise & knowledge. CMC is an established organization in Kolkata where some of the leading Doctors of Kolkata are available for consultation. This association would help us in reaching out to a large section of Doctors and Patients with our services”, said Dr Ranjani Chakravarty, Managing Director, CPathlabs.

“Our united goal is to provide modern diagnostics facilities available for the patients residing in Kolkata and the Rest of West Bengal. We are committed to enhancing the health and welfare of the citizens. Due to this tie up with CPathlabs, we would be able to provide certain pathological tests for the first time in the state, for which, till date, one had to wait for the reports to come from some other state”, said Dr Raghiv Hasnain, Director, Calcutta Medical Centre Ltd.

CMC CPathlabs will put an emphasis on providing patient-centric care, making sure that each person gets the time, consideration and assistance they require. Additionally, the collaboration will encourage communication between medical specialists, promoting the sharing of knowledge and skills to improve diagnostic precision and create novel solutions.

By 2025 CPathlabs aims to be present in UP, Bihar & North East. In West Bengal, CPathlabs is present in Siliguri, Midnapore& now Kolkata. Soon, centres will be opened in Durgapur& Krishnanagar.