doctros Day in apex

Mumbai- Every year 1st July is celebrated as Doctor’s Day i.e. National Doctor’s Day. On this day all people, whose lives are connected with one or the other doctor, thank the doctor. Apex Group of Hospital, Borivali is celebrating the “Thank You Week” & “Gratitude Week” from July 1 to July 7 as a day to thank the doctors for their efforts in bringing him into this world and keeping him healthy.

Giving more information about this, Dr. Tanvi Shah, Director of Apex Group of Hospitals said, ” Practicing medicine is considered as one of the noblest professions in the world, so in this initiative, a large canvas was placed in five hospitals of the Apex Hospital Group to write messages of gratitude. More than 200 patients and their relatives have also expressed gratitude for it. This included the patients and their relatives who were treated during the Corona pandemic. We celebrate Doctor’s Day every year but this year we decided to celebrate this day for a whole week and this initiative got a great response from the patients and their relatives. It is only when a patient falls ill that he visits a doctor in a clinic or hospital. Once the patient recovers and goes home, his communication with the doctor ends. It is necessary to increase communication between doctors and patients to explain the health problems of your family. In the same spirit, we have implemented this different activity on the occasion of Doctor’s Day to increase the relationship between the patient and the doctor. We conducted a gratitude meeting between doctors and patients in this activity. On this occasion Homage was paid to the doctors who lost their lives in the fight against COVID during the pandemic in the country.”

National Doctor’s Day serves as a reminder of the immense dedication and selflessness that doctors bring to their noble profession is the key message of this event added by Dr. Tanvi Shah from Apex group of Hospitals. Apex Group of Hospitals is a chain of Hospitals managed and run by expert Medical Professionals with experience of 25 years. Currently Apex group of Hospitals manages more than 350+ beds and provides qualitative healthcare services to the people of Mumbai and surrounding areas. Apex Hospitals is located in Borivali, Kandivali & Mulund.