Genius Digipoll Survey

~Mid-work nap time, less office politics, and reduced number of work days in a week cited as probable solutions to reduce work stress~

National, 08th November 2022: As National Stress Awareness Day is observed today, Genius Consultants Limited has published a survey that reveals that an absolute 100% of the participants accepted that workplace stress can have an adverse effect on employee mental health and reduce work efficiency. A total of 1380 headcounts participated in the Genius Digipoll Survey which was conducted
in the month of September 2022.

Work-related stress has proven to be an identified reason for multiple challenges like mental & physical disorders to intellectual and behavioral impacts. The survey encapsulated all the aspects that can be affected by work stress with validated responses from the participants.

A solid 77% of the participants confirmed that work-related stress can induce anxiety and depression while 14% were neutral and a meagre 9% denied the possibility altogether. Furthermore, 82% of the participants also validated that health issues like immunodeficiency disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and musculoskeletal disorders are directly connected with work-related stress while 14% remained neutral and the rest of 7% denied any connection between work- related stress and health conditions of the employees. Absenteeism and employees absconding are some other roadblocks created by work stress and 68% corroborated with the general perception while 27% refused to confirm or deny and 5% negated the possibility that employees quit or remain absent at work due to work-related stress.

The most popular solution suggested mid-work nap time as an innovative method to combat work stress levels; with 73% of the survey participants agreeing, 18% being unsure while 9% disagreeing with the same. The participants stayed divided with less work, less office politics, and better employee engagement as possible solutions with 36% cited for the first option and 32% for other two cited respectively to control the stress levels. Reducing working days was another suggestion agreed by the participants with 68% agreeing, 18% being neutral and
14% differing with the idea of a reduced workday as a solution to decrease work stress.

Commenting on the survey, R P Yadav, CMD, Genius Consultants Ltd., said, “Conducting these surveys are reality checks for any organization. The fact that every single participant of the survey agreed that work-related stress affects the mental health of an individual is very telling. In the current age, where the talk of mental health has found momentum, it is crucial that we identify work stress and the environment as the prime reasons for the growing cases of deteriorating mental health conditions for employees. We, as a part of India Inc., should consciously work toward cementing any disbalance in the work environment for every working professional. On this National Stress Awareness Day, the results of this survey should be used as a guiding force to combat work-related stress and its side effects.”

The survey which lasted over a month’s duration was conducted on multiple social media platforms – Official GCL pages of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Polls, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram post plus stories, Google Free Sites (Survey Monkey, Type form, Google forms, etc.)