Kanika Mann

Mumbai 29 August 2023: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free streaming service, just debuted its first-ever patriotic film- Rakshak: India’s Braves – Chapter 1 the first installment of a three-part movie series. Streaming on Amazon miniTV, it narrates the story of Indian soldier – Lt. Triveni Singh, who sacrificed his life to save the lives of over 300 civilians present at the Jammu Tawi railway station. Directed by Akshay Chaubey and produced by Juggernaut Productions, the film features Varun Mitra, Kanika Mann, Mrinal Navell, Mrinal Kulkarni, and Mohit Chauhan in pivotal roles. Kanika Mann who plays Mala- the fiancé of Lt. Triveni Singh, shares her favorite sequence from the film and more!

Kanika Mann says, “Most of the scenes I did were with Varun Mitra. All of them have been very special since our team did a lot of research and met the real people in this story, so we had emotions involved with each and every scene. But if asked specifically, I will mention the scene where Mala sees Lt. Triveni Singh for the last time. It’s a special scene for me”

Furthermore, she also shares her experience working with Varun Mitra, ‘Ahh! Varun is a wonderful actor and a supportive human being. It was a pleasure to work on all the beautiful scenes of the film. Though he stays in his character throughout the day (laughs). But as much as I got to know him, he is a fun person with a focused mind.”

Rakshak: India’s Braves discusses passion, heroism, and ultimate sacrifice. Rakshak: India’s Braves is streaming exclusively free on Amazon miniTV on the Amazon shopping app.