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Mumbai, 26th July, 2023: Experience the timeless charm of Gujarati culture and spirituality with ShemarooMe’s special offering on the auspicious occasion of Adhik Maas. Paying homage to the sacred time when Gujaratis express their devotion to Lord Vishnu, ShemarooMe has released the iconic Gujarati classic show, ‘Narsaiyo’. It narrates an extraordinary tale of devotion, courage, and the triumph of faith, and transports viewers to the by-gone era.

‘Narsaiyo’ is a timeless gem that originally aired in 1991. This mesmerizing show combines mythological and biographical elements, offering viewers an unforgettable glimpse into the remarkable journey of the revered 15th-century poet-saint, Narsinh Mehta. Set against the backdrop of Gujarat, this series beautifully showcases the life of a man who fearlessly challenged orthodox beliefs through his verses, while seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna. Through this enthralling journey, the viewers will witness the struggles and triumphs of Narsinh Mehta. His renowned composition, ‘Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye’ continues to touch hearts, exemplifying the profound connection between humanity and Krishna.

With a total of 27 captivating episodes, ‘Narsaiyo’ promises to captivate viewers with its rich storytelling and profound spiritual insights. The series is released in three parts, spanning three consecutive Thursdays. Each part features nine engrossing episodes, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the life and legacy of Narsinh Mehta.

The talented star cast, led by the brilliant Darshan Jariwala as Narsinh Mehta, brings this epic tale to life. Supported by the flawless performances by Minal Mansuri, Pravin Hirpara, Jayendra Mehta, Vijaya Desai, Archan Trivedi, Bindu Upadhyah, Salil Mehta, Krupadev Yagnik and late Mulraj Rajda will leave you spellbound.

Lead actor Darshan Jariwala, who played the role of Narisnh Mehta, expressed, ‘As an actor, I feel privileged to bring Narsinh Mehta’s extraordinary journey to life and share it once again. This legendary show holds immense significance as it was released on the auspicious occasion of Adhik Maas on ShemarooMe. It is a story of devotion, strength, and the indomitable human spirit. I hope that viewers will connect with the depth of emotions and be inspired by this classic timeless tale.’

Directed by the acclaimed late Mulraj Rajda, produced by Shraddha Deep – Prop. N. M. Shah and featuring soul-stirring music by the gifted Gaurang Vyas, ‘Narsaiyo’ will resonate with your heart and stir your soul. Renowned singers Ashit Desai, Saumil Munshi, Shyamal Munshi, and Aarti Munshi lend their melodious voices, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative.

Celebrate the spirit of Adhik Maas with this special treat from ShemarooMe and let ‘Narsaiyo’ transport you to a realm of spirituality and devotion.