New Delhi, 17 July 2023 – Known for their innovative and boundary-pushing projects, digital marketing services company Media.Monks partnered with Indian electronica producer and singer, Komorebi to create an immersive musical experience that blurs the lines between reality and fiction in their latest collaboration.

Regarded as one of the most exciting musicians in India, Komorebi – aka Tarana Marwah – first crossed paths with R. Venkatraman, Film director at Media.Monks India during a Komorebi gig in Delhi. A fan of her work, Media.Monks was drawn to collaborating with the electrifying artist, setting the stage for a ground-breaking venture.

Media.Monks played an instrumental role in crafting the music video for Komorebi’s new single ‘I Grew Up’. Visual artists and music artists joined hands to create a unique narrative that is truly Komorebi, successfully harnessing her deeply personal musical style, intertwined with her love for gaming and anime.

Involved in every step of the way, Media.Monks India ran the creative gamut. From conceptualization and execution to post-production, to bring fans a cutting-edge music video that transcends the traditional medium.

The complex process of combining on-set, VFX, and CG with Virtual Production required the creative company to redefine the traditional workflow. This shift allowed the team to synchronize live-action elements and post-production seamlessly. Each frame’s composition and lensing underwent meticulous scrutiny during a comprehensive pre-visualization stage. With the strategic groundwork laid, the elements of the project gradually came together during the production process and shooting as planned. This was then taken to the post-production table for further enhancement.

The music video’s storyline is faithful to the album’s spirit and mirrors the journey of Kiane and her owl friend, Owlie, from the album’s accompanying comic book. The project wasn’t just a technological endeavour – it blended art and music with the intricacies of a robust film production pipeline and post-production/VFX and VP pipelines. Throughout the development of this project, Media.Monks unearthed valuable learnings as multiple teams collaborated as one. The resulting music video for “I Grew Up” demonstrates Media Monks’ commitment to evolving digital content production through amazing collaborations.

Tarana Marwah, producer, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, shares: “On a surface level it’s about combining two worlds – music and animation – marrying them to create a work of art. On a deeper level, I wanted to write a story about my life, and distance myself from it. The fantastical element of ‘fiction’ allows me that poetic license with this release, as is reflected in the other-worldly music video. And yet this song is extremely personal, very powerful, very me. ‘I Grew Up’ serves as a reminder that growth is a natural part of life, and despite the changes, one will always cherish their bond with loved ones.”

Rajasekar Venkatraman, Film Director at Media.Monks India, adds: “What began as a simple conversation with an artist evolved into a super ambitious project. As a fan, sharing similar passions in our artistic vision and creative sparks, it was a thrilling journey to see ideas materialize into reality.”

Robert Godinho, Managing Director of Media.Monks India, says: “India’s potential in grand-scale VFX is immense and we firmly believe in the future of virtual production. As pioneers in the field, we’ve always been committed to raising awareness through creative collaborations. After all, to truly make a difference, one must not just envision it, but bring it to reality.”

‘I Grew Up’ is available on all streaming platforms, and you can learn more about the single and the multimedia project here:

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