5 Reasons why ‘Gutar Gu’ will give you the butterflies and take you on a sweet nostalgic ride – All over again

Amazon miniTV’s latest series, ‘Gutar Gu’ is all about first teen love that many of the viewers will be able to relate to. The series features Gupt Gyan cast – Ashlesha Thakur (Ritu) and Vishesh Bansal (Anuj) in the lead roles. This six-episode series is ready to take you back to your teen years when the feeling of being in love gives you that exhilaration, and one feels the jitters being around their crush. ‘Gutar Gu’ beautifully showcases the young teenage love, excitement, nervousness and also touches upon the problems that come Anuj and Ritu’s way and how they handle them. The series is produced by the Oscar winning producer Guneet Monga, who recently won – Best Documentary Short Category for ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ and made the nation proud.

Here are 5 reasons that make this series a must watch teen romance drama;

Pehla Pyaar

Most of us have experienced their ‘Pehla Pyaar’ in their teenage years. Thinking about the same, one might go down their memory lane and be able to relate to every frame showcased in the series. In this journey of ‘Pehla Pyaar’, one can witness Ritu and Anuj go through a similar phase, where Anuj, a shy boy who has hardly interacted with girls falls for Ritu, who is totally opposite to Anuj and yet the two-strike cord and fall for each other.

When the odds don’t match

In teen years, every parent wishes for their child to do good in studies and stay focused. Similar is the case with Anuj who comes from an orthodox family and falls in love with Ritu who belongs to a modern family. The series takes an interesting turn when the two young love birds reach the point wherein their sweet secret relationship is exposed to their family. Will this ‘Gutar Gu’ stand strong and face the odds or do they dwell under the pressure of family and part ways? The narrative surely keeps the audiences hooked!

Relationship Guide

We all have had that one person or group of friends who have actively participated in your love life and wanted the best for you. Right from preparing how to behave around your crush/love interest to how one should dress for a date, these friends have a huge part to play. In the series as well, the significance of having the best guide (your friend) can be witnessed through Satish Ray’s character who plays the wingman of the cute teen couple Anuj and Ritu and comes to their rescue and helps give them some insightful relationship advice.