Stockgro + St Joseph

Bengaluru, 5th July 2023– St. Joseph’s School, Bengaluru is partnering with StockGro, an innovative stock market experiential learning platform, to foster financial education among students. This is done in a quest to empower the next generation in India with essential financial knowledge and practical trading experience. In their recent collaboration, StockGro set up a week-long seminar followed by an exhilarating trading competition for the 800+ students at St Joseph’s School, Bengaluru.

StockGro’s partnership with St Joseph’s School in association with St. Joseph’s Indian Institutions Alumni – SJIIA exemplifies its dedication to promoting financial education within academic institutions. The collaboration involved a week-long seminar conducted by StockGro experts, engaging students through interactive sessions, workshops, and informative presentations. These sessions aimed to instil a sense of financial responsibility and empower students with the knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions.

StockGro has introduced a comprehensive educational program in schools as part of its commitment to nurturing financial literacy. The program begins with essential knowledge of basic finance, personal finance management, wealth management, and exploring careers in finance. Students are further educated about financial instruments and the fundamental principles of investing. By equipping young minds with these essential skills, StockGro strives to create a solid foundation for their economic well-being in the future.

“StockGro believes in the power of financial education for students’ development. We look forward to our association with St Joseph’s School, empowering students with essential financial knowledge and skills to make informed decisions,” said Rohit Somani, Head of College Community at StockGro.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with StockGro in this innovative initiative that equips our students with the financial knowledge and skills for their future success. This partnership opens new avenues for their personal and professional growth,” said Father Cyril, Principal of St Joseph’s School.

Through pioneering initiatives and successful collaborations, StockGro is revolutionising financial education, inspiring young minds, and shaping a financially literate youth for a prosperous future.