Next Education efficient learning programs to help students of Brainwaves International School, Hapur, to learn 21st-century skills

New Delhi, March 31, 2023: Next Education, India’s leading education solutions provider, has been associated with Brainwaves International School, Hapur, and is supporting the students’ overall growth by making the latest and advanced education easily available. The school has successfully incorporated the latest technological innovations into its curricula through its partnership with Next Education. These innovations include a smart classroom solution with extensive digital content, an end-to-end solution to meet all academic and administrative needs, and a comprehensive curriculum solution in accordance with the NEP 2020 guidelines, as these solutions will create a smart learning niche and give the students a comprehensive learning approach.

The school opted to use Next Education’s “Academic Partnership Program,” which focuses on teachers’ training, academic planning and implementation, audits, and assessments for the students, in order to provide the best academic delivery and holistic development to the students. The company’s customised learning solutions also enable students who require additional assistance to make significant academic progress. Robotics and other hands-on learning kits really help students to understand the concepts very well.

Moreover, Next Education services and solutions are raising pedagogical standards and teachers’ capacity to help students succeed academically. A complete and integrated cloud-based platform that delivers hassle-free academic and administrative support was offered by the company to the school. By constantly raising the bar for teacher preparation, the school has been able to increase parent satisfaction thanks to Next Educations’ Academic Partnership Program.

Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder & CEO of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd., said, “Through our latest and innovative designed programs, we are envisioning to build a niche of skilled workforce in the country to drive the economic growth. Our collaboration with Brainwaves International School, Hapur, is another milestone in our visionary approach to developing 21st-century skillsets in the students and helping them secure jobs.”

Pankaj Goyal, Chairman, Brainwaves International School, Hapur, said, ” In our mission to inspire, motivate and prepare our students for a fast-changing technological modern world, the association with Next Education is a major boost. We will be able to effectively teach and inspire our students to develop the latest technical skill sets. We believe the innovative curriculums and Labs from the Next Education will foster holistic development among our students.”

The Academic Partnership Program offers comprehensive school solutions, beginning with the creation of the school’s logo, vision and mission, marketing, teacher hiring and training, enrollment and opening of the school, and full academic planning, parent-teacher meetings (PTM), and parent connect programmes by providing thorough academic preparation, on-site implementation, monitoring, and classroom instruction (PCP), implementation with assistance from the academic officer and other staff members. The franchise model chosen by the school also has the advantage of offering specialised recruitment techniques and considerable marketing support in the form of auxiliary services. NextOS has many or all modules for school administration in addition to classroom management and digital curriculum, we are using most of those and it has made it very easy for us to start at a very good level of systems even in our first year of school. TeachNext, MathLab and ScienceLab is also used.