Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology (GMIT) organises Groundbreaking Event Showcasing the Profound Impact of AI Tools

Iche Dana

Kolkata, 14th July 2023: Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology, a prestigious educational institution under JIS Group, hosted a unique event called Iche Dana – The Wings of Imagination at The Park Hotel in Kolkata, which was co-hosted by an AI character ‘Vidya’, for the first time in Kolkata. The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the profound impact of AI tools such as Chat GPT and Midjourney in our everyday lives, through a panel discussion and the recognition of the top five teams. The event was honored by the presence of distinguished individuals, including Mr. Avik Ghose, Principal Scientist of Embedded Devices and Intelligent Systems at TCS Research, Mr. Debjit Mookherjee, Global Head of IoT & Advanced Industries, Kolkata Head, Enterprise IT, Ericsson Mr. Biplab Sarkar, Director of Enterprise Architecture Consultancy at Hexaware Technologies, Dr. Sanmitra Sarkar, Group Manager and Service Area Leader for the AI & Analytics Division at IBM, Mr. Arjun Chatterjee, Founder & CEO of Runtime Solutions, Prof. (Dr.) D L Dutta, Chairman, Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology (GMIT) and Mr. Bodhisattva Banerjee, Vice Chairman, Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology (GMIT).

As part of the program, GMIT extended an invitation to its student fraternity with an interest in diverse disciplines and a flair for creativity, urging them to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. These exceptional participants were given the opportunity to present their ideas before esteemed personalities hailing from academia and the corporate world. The evaluation of the wide spectrum of ideas was entrusted to two industry stalwarts, Professor (Dr.) Samiran Chattopadhyay, renowned for his expertise in the IT Department of JU, and Mr. Niladri Roy, a distinguished senior business leader representing TCS. Following a meticulous evaluation process, a total of 27 teams were narrowed down to the top performers. Among these outstanding teams, five were selected for their exceptional contributions and recognized for their achievements during the event. The selected teams were felicitated, acknowledging their outstanding dedication and innovative spirit. The event unfolded as esteemed industry leaders from renowned multinational corporations such as IBM, TCS, Hexaware, and Ericsson came together to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of these students. In addition, they gathered for a captivating panel discussion that ignited the stage with enlightening perspectives on Unleashing the Power of AI and its profound influence on the future employment landscape. The distinguished guests emphasized that AI, an unstoppable force of the future, will not diminish employment prospects but instead redefine the fundamental nature of work worldwide.

Mr. Bodhisattva Banerjee, Vice Chairman of GMIT commented on the event and said, “Innovation and imagination are the wings that propel us towards a brighter future. The Iche Dana – The Wings of Imagination event has showcased the profound impact of AI tools in our everyday lives. We are making preparations that in the next few days, we will be opening an outreach campus at Saltlake Sector-V. This initiative aims to provide our students with a unique opportunity to benefit from sessions conducted by corporate giants in the evenings. It aims to provide our students with incredible opportunities to benefit from the presence of corporate giants in the area, particularly during the evenings. This expansion will undoubtedly enhance their learning experience and open doors to numerous corporate partnerships. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the top five teams for their exceptional contributions and dedication.”