Zell Education,India’s leading finance and accounts Ed-tech platform is proud to announce a significant achievement in its mission to empower students with career opportunities. The institution has successfully established partnerships with over 100 prominent organizations, reaffirming its commitment to providing students with valuable placements and career-enhancing experiences.

These partnerships align seamlessly with Zell Education’s core mission and goals. The primary objective has always been to ensure that students receive the best possible education and career opportunities in the Finance and Accounting sector. By collaborating with a diverse range of placement partners, including renowned multinational corporations and industry giants such as EY, GT, KPMG, HDFC, Aston Cater, Motilal, Acies, Bathiya, Outbooks, and Colliers, Zell Education is paving the way for its students to excel in their careers.

Zell Education’s journey in establishing these invaluable partnerships has been marked by a keen understanding of the ever-evolving job market trends in the Finance and Accounting domain. The institution has diligently worked towards building strong relationships with industry leaders by actively networking, participating in industry-related events, and engaging directly with HR and hiring managers.

The selection of these placement partners has been meticulous, focusing on criteria such as the relevance of their job requirements to the curriculum taught at Zell, the quality of job and internship opportunities, geographic presence, real-world application of skills, and exposure to industry insights. These criteria ensure that students gain practical knowledge and skill development while benefiting from a network of industry professionals.

Mr. Pratham Barot Co – Founder & CEO of Zell Education says, “We firmly believe that these placement partnerships will significantly benefit its students. These collaborations offer students the opportunity for practical application of their knowledge, skill development, access to industry insights, networking opportunities, increased confidence, hands-on learning, and personal growth.”

Looking ahead, Zell Education has ambitious plans to diversify its placement partner network by expanding into different industries and establishing global partnerships. Additionally, the institution aims to provide comprehensive placement preparation workshops to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive job market.