Oxygen Park Project

New Delhi, 3rd July 2023 – Young Indians Jaipur, an integral part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), has once again demonstrated its commitment to environmental conservation in collaboration with the Rajasthan Housing Board, has recently unveiled another remarkable achievement with the establishment of an Oxygen Park in CBI Phatak, Ganga Marg, Jagatpura. This groundbreaking project combines environmental consciousness and modern techniques, featuring an impressive display of over 5,000 trees implemented using the renowned Japanese Miyawaki method. Noteworthy is the fact that 3,000 trees were planted in the last quarter alone, bringing the total count to an impressive 8,000 trees.

Supported by the Govt. of Rajasthan and co-developed by the Safe Earth Foundation, NBC (National Engineering Industries Limited), and Gravita India Limited, this ambitious plantation project aims to enhance the green cover, combat air pollution, and foster a sustainable environment for citizens of Jaipur. The government’s provision of space for this initiative reflects their unwavering commitment to nurturing and promoting the growth of Mother Nature while setting remarkable objectives for the future.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself mentioned the effectiveness of the Miyawaki method during his Mann ki Baat, further emphasizing its significance in rejuvenating the environment. This achievement by Young Indians Jaipur stands as a testament to the unyielding dedication of the youth toward environmental conservation, serving as an inspirational model for communities nationwide. Excitingly, Young Indians Jaipur has announced plans to establish two more oxygen zones within the same year, showcasing their continued commitment to creating a greener and healthier future. With these additional initiatives, they aim to expand their impact and contribute even more significantly to the preservation and restoration of the environment.