New Delhi, India – July 25, 2023 – Times of India digital and Simpl have partnered to revolutionise the news subscription experience for millions of readers across India. This collaboration enables TOI+ subscribers to enjoy seamless one-tap checkout, eliminating complexities of traditional payment procedures.

In today’s fast-paced world, real-time news access is crucial. This partnership simplifies the checkout process for subscribers, granting them easy access to exclusive content such as articles, videos, podcasts, events, and newsletters. Subscribers also receive complimentary subscriptions to services like DocuBay, EazyDiner, and PharmEasy.

Radhika Shukla – Head – Subscription Growth, Strategy and Analytics, TOI+, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to partner with Simpl to make it easier for our readers to access premium news content. Simpl’s 1-tap checkout solution is simple, secure, and convenient, and we believe it will make a big difference in the way our readers subscribe to TOI+.”

According to industry data, approximately one-fifth of all online transactions experience failures during the payment process. By leveraging Simpl’s 1-tap checkout, TOI users who want to subscribe will benefit from significantly reduced payment failures, ensuring a seamless access to news and its associated benefits.

Nitya Sharma, Founder and CEO of Simpl, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with TOI+ to bring the power of one-tap checkout to the news industry. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between convenience and quality journalism for millions of readers across the country. By leveraging Simpl’s revolutionary 1-tap Checkout, this partnership seeks to enhance the accessibility and ease of news subscriptions.” Sharma added that the collaboration will enable TOI+ to reach a wider audience and expand its subscriber base.

This partnership between Simpl and TOI+ will leverage Simpl’s extensive network of over 26,000 merchants and 10 million customers to expand its presence. By offering seamless news subscriptions, this collaboration aims to convert readers into paid subscribers by prioritizing convenience, reducing friction, and simplifying payment procedures.

The partnership between TOI+ and Simpl marks a significant milestone in the news industry, signaling a shift towards a more user-friendly subscription method. This collaboration reflects the industry’s adaptation to readers’ changing needs and highlights the innovative future of news subscriptions.