The Belgian Waffle Co and SoCheers

22nd July Mumbai: On July 19th, The Belgian Waffle Co, India’s largest waffle brand, joyously celebrated National Waffle Day, an initiative they introduced to India. Marking the same, the brand launched a captivating campaign that left waffle enthusiasts in pure bliss, making it an unforgettable and a heart-warming event. Over the years, the brand has been organizing an extraordinary waffle extravaganza across various regions in India, and this year’s celebration reached new heights of excitement and delight.

The three-phased campaign with a theme of #GetWaffling conceptualised by SoCheers, an independently-led creative digital advertising agency, commenced with an intriguing teaser phase, skilfully generating buzz across digital platforms, and outdoors, building anticipation for the grand event on July 19th. True to their tradition, the brand offered delectable waffles at a mere 100 INR, enhancing the excitement and engaging their audience on social media with clever throwbacks to the previous year’s celebration.

To further establish the importance of the day, the brand took to their digital to unveil how people began conjuring up creative and humorous excuses to secure a day off from colleges and workplaces on that day. This further piqued curiosity and amplified the campaign’s resonance among the target audiences. This thought of ‘giving excuses’ was taken alive across different campaign activities like influencers on Social Media and RJs on Radio, which helped in creating a consistent tone of voice for the campaign. Not, only this, but the brand’s employees too went on to their LinkedIn to post about excusing themselves from work on 19th of July.

As the campaign momentum grew, The Belgian Waffle Co, seamlessly shifted the focus to the number ‘100’ to emphasise the offering of ‘any waffle at 100 INR’. A captivating Instagram video featuring a girl humorously encountering the number ‘100’ everywhere, further urged viewers to indulge in delicious waffles for just Rs. 100 on July 19th.

Taking the excitement to new heights, the brand created another video of a helicopter soaring above the breath-taking Mumbai skyline, displaying a banner highlighting the incredible offer. The share-worthy content pieces instantly hit a chord with brand’s GenZ target group and created a lot of conversations on social media.

Ankit Patel, Executive Director and CEO of The Belgian Waffle Co, shared his joy, stating, “We are overwhelmed by the heart-warming response to our National Waffle Day campaign, and it brings us immense joy to see how people relish our waffles with such enthusiasm even in extreme weather conditions. It’s a true testimony of our brand the product quality and our ability to deliver a superior product experience at scale through meticulous planning and exceptional execution. Driven by innovation and an intuitive understanding of consumer preferences, we have always embraced modern trends and digital marketing, effortlessly connecting with a new generation of food enthusiasts, particularly the vibrant and tech-savvy GenZ audience. And, the National Waffle Day campaign stands as a testament to the brand’s ability to create not just products, but genuine and shareable experiences that forge lasting memories.”

Rajni Daswani, Head of Digital Marketing at SoCheers, enthusiastically shared, “Titled, the #GetWaffling the campaign has exceeded all expectations, transcending the conventional boundaries of a product promotion to deliver an immersive experience. Witnessing the seamless conversion of digital engagement into tangible offline footfalls has been a great journey. The perfect synchronization of entertaining content that resonates with GenZ’s preferences, coupled with an irresistible offer, has proven to be a winning strategy, resulting in tremendous success for the brand.”

The National Waffle Day campaign proved to be a resounding triumph, embodying the spirit of unity, joy, and delectable indulgence as people across India celebrated the very essence of National Waffle Day on 19th of July. The Belgian Waffle Co along with SoCheers not only marked the occasion but also left an indelible mark in the hearts of waffle enthusiasts, promising even more delightful surprises in the years to come.