The Advent of Wi-Fi 7 will Enhance Multi-Gigabit Speeds for SOHO - says NETGEAR

Today’s multi-gigabit internet plans are quickly outpacing current Wi-Fi technology. Wi-Fi 7, also known as IEEE 802.11be, will represent a revolutionary change. The new standard, dubbed EHT for Extremely High Throughput will finally make true multi-gigabit Wi-Fi throughout a reality with faster speeds, less interference, and better performance for today’s many high-bandwidth online activities.

Key features of Wi-Fi 7 and benefits

· 5x Faster Speeds than Wi-Fi 6E: Wi-Fi 7 increases maximum speeds from 9.6Gbps to a stunning 46Gbps, so you can take full advantage of today’s ultra-fast internet plans with gigabit-plus performance on your devices.

· 2x Maximum Bandwidth 2x maximum bandwidth 320MHz high-capacity channels: New, ultra-wide bandwidth means double the speed of your devices. Wi-Fi 7 smartphones can get speeds up to 5Gbps. This opens up exciting new possibilities for AR and VR applications. 1.2GHz spectrum in the 6GHz band makes 320MHz ultra-wideband possible and also allows for more routers to operate in congested neighborhoods without stepping on each other.

· 100x Lower Latency 100x lower latency for real-time responsiveness: Latency has a noticeable effect on real-time activities like gaming and video conferencing. A 100x improvement dramatically upgrades today’s interactive online experiences and opens the door for immersive next-gen AR and VR.

· 20% more data transmission with 4K QAM modulations: Modulation, simply put, is the process of converting data into Wi-Fi radio waves. A jump from 10-bit to 12-bit data modulation packs in 20% more data at a time for crystal-clear video streaming, Zoom calls, and more.

What new innovations come with Wi-Fi 7?

· MULTI-LINK OPERATION – Get your data the fastest way, automatically: Wi-Fi 7 taps into all 3 Wi-Fi bands (6GHz, 5GHz, and 2.4GHz), effortlessly changing lanes between the bands to avoid network traffic and/or keep you connected if you move out of range of one band. This feature, called Multi-link Operation, ensures data is delivered with maximum speed, reducing latency and improving reliability for online gaming, AR and VR, Zoom calls, and more.

· PREAMBLE PUNCTURING – Don’t let interference slow your Wi-Fi down: There are chances that nearby Wi-Fi networks might be interfering and slowing your internet. With current versions of Wi-Fi, any channels with interference from other networks become unavailable. With Preamble Puncturing, your Wi-Fi can now slice off part of a channel to transmit your data, if the interference isn’t occupying the entire channel. In effect, Wi-Fi 7 lets you “block off one lane” instead of closing down the whole road.

Advantages and Benefits of Wi-Fi 7 for Business

Wi-Fi 7 will unlock many new capabilities for business and also improve upon the fundamental way in which it operates nowadays. In terms of how Wi-Fi is used today, users will experience noticeable performance improvements on shared office networks thanks to improved speed and bandwidth, as well as new features like multi-link operation and multi-access-point coordination. In simple terms, Wi-Fi 7 will be better at managing multiple users at once and will have an improved ability to deliver faster speeds across the full footprint of the office. In terms of how Wi-Fi is used in the workplace of tomorrow, Wi-Fi 7 will unlock intriguing capabilities for incorporating AR and VR into the workplace, enabling next-gen hardware like goggles or contact lenses with AR-enhanced heads-up displays, robust IoT-enhanced smart office products, and further-improved workplace automation technologies.

Why is NETGEAR the leader in Wi-Fi 7?

NETGEAR is a market leader in Wi-Fi, with over 25 years of experience building the world’s best networking devices. When it comes to Wi-Fi 7, the brand’s diverse experience and portfolio across home, business, mesh, and mobile 5G networking will definitely be a breakthrough in enhancing the user experience.