New Delhi , July 2023: National Media Club(NMC) is celebrating 16th India Mango Festival on 25th July 2023 in New Delhi. The NMC India Mango Festival is an annual celebration dedicated to the king of fruits Mango. The event is organised annually by Ramesh Awasthi– Chief Organiser and Former Member Hindi Rajbhasha Advisory Committee Government of India. Bollywood celebrities Mahima Chaudhary, Gulshan Grover, Raza Murad and Shahbaz Khan will attend the festival. This festival is a joyful extravaganza dedicated to the king of fruits and is known for its grand Mango Party and captivating cultural programs. The mango exhibition is one of the highlights of the festival that showcases more than 300 varieties of mangoes. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity for guests to indulge in an array of mango-based delicacies, there is an abundance of mouthwatering mango treats to satisfy every palate.

The festival, organised every year, displays different varieties of mango produced by farmers as well as the Horticulture Department and Agriculture Universities in India. NMC India Mango Festival is not only a celebration of this luscious fruit but also a means to raise awareness about its significance. The festival aims to showcase the rich diversity of mango varieties and promote the agriculture prowess of India. The festival also organises a vibrant cultural program that showcases the rich traditions and heritage of India. The cultural program aims to promote the diversity and cultural tapestry of the region, immersing visitors in the beauty of Indian art forms.

The festival has the participation of farmers, Horticulture departments from different universities in India. The festival displays traditional, hybrid and unique varieties of mangoes produced in them. The festival also plays an important role in showcasing different varieties of mangoes along with demonstrating the innovative products that can be derived from mangoes. The festival also provides a unique opportunity for guests to learn about the cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest processing techniques involved in mango production. Expert farmers, horticulturists and agricultural professionals share their knowledge, providing valuable insights into the world of mango farming.

Commenting on the augmentation of India Mango Festival, Ramesh Awasthi- Chief Organiser and Former Member Hindi Rajbhasha Advisory Committee Government of India said, “ We are delighted to organize 16th India Mango Festival. Through this festival, we try to educate people about the various mango varieties, their nutritional benefits and the immense potential; they hold in boosting rural economies. We believe that by promoting this fruit, we can further enhance its market value, benefitting both farmers and consumers.”