Swadesh, a leading name in providing seamless migration solutions for Indian students heading to the United States, is thrilled to introduce “Global Pay,” its innovative money transfer service, offering substantial savings and unparalleled convenience for Indian individuals sending money to America.

Sending money abroad for various purposes, such as rent in New York, tuition payments, or other expenses, can be a costly and cumbersome process. With Global Pay, customers can now save lakhs of rupees with the best exchange rates available in the market, making it the perfect start for their American dream.

One of the core principles of Global Pay is to charge as little as possible while ensuring the most competitive exchange rates. The service takes pride in being the cheapest, with the numbers to back it up. For instance, on a transfer of ₹20 lakh, Global Pay takes only 1 to 2 days to process, with an exchange rate of 82.46 and fees amounting to just 2,360 INR, resulting in a recipient receiving $24197. Comparatively, even the second-best option, ICICI Bank, takes 1 to 3 days with an exchange rate of 83.54 and fees of 2,384.64, leaving the recipient with $23,915.

Global Pay’s money transfer service is made possible through a strategic partnership with Muthoot Forex, ensuring a fully digital and cost-effective solution compared to traditional services. Swadesh takes customer benefits a step further by providing a free US bank account credit card and SIM card for those utilising the Global Pay service.

Amidst the challenges of managing student loans and education expenses, Global Pay offers a significant advantage for individuals looking to send more than 7 Lakh INR in a financial year. With Global Pay, you can enjoy a reduced Tax Collected at Source (TCS) charge, lowering it from 5% to a mere 0.5%. This relief translates to considerable savings, easing the financial burden for students who are already juggling various financial commitments.

“We understand the challenges faced by Indian students and individuals who aspire to pursue their American dream. With Global Pay’s money transfer service, we aim to ease the financial burden and provide a seamless experience with utmost security and convenience,” said Prateek Swain, Founder and CEO at Swadesh.

Key highlights of Global Pay’s money transfer service include:

1. Affordable Tuition Fees: Global Pay offers the highest transfer limit of $25,000 and the best exchange rate in the market for funding your American education.

2. Lightning Fast Transfers: Need to meet tight deadlines? Global Pay guarantees same-day transfers for transactions made before 2 p.m.

3. Safety and Security: In partnership with Muthoot Forex, which operates under an RBI-issued licence for transfers, Global Pay ensures the safety of every transaction.

4. Built on Trust: Global Pay provides 24/7 support and live updates for customers, offering peace of mind and security throughout the money transfer process.

5. Explore International Transfers: Global Pay empowers users to send money to Flywire accounts or directly to US bank accounts, catering to various needs and preferences.

With its commitment to making the American dream accessible and affordable, Global Pay’s money transfer service is set to revolutionise the way individuals send money abroad.