Sridhar Seshadri, CEO & Co-Founder, Spotflock

Develops real-time AI solutions for private and public sector entities & building sports verticals for Golf analytics, AI, and technologies for the global markets

Hyderabad, November 16, 2022: Spotflock Technologies Private Limited is a pioneer in Deep Tech like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, Blockchain, and natural language processing. They have developed some of the market’s most innovative and impactful technologies, including patented recommendation systems for B2C and B2B industries. They also have products that feature RPA & business intelligence platforms that assist businesses in making better decisions.

Spotflock’s computer vision solutions have effectively drawn meaningful inferences from live stream videos, bite videos, and other visual inputs for usage in various industries, including utility and healthcare in the past. A technology trailblazer, Spotflock is envisioned to spearhead positive change in society, as evidenced by the projects they have completed, whether it is the mega data project for the Government of Haryana or revamping the entire e-Governance system for various departments or the one with INCOIS dealing with management for sensitive ocean ecosystems.

Spotflock currently focuses on business verticals – the first is DeepTech for e-governance using core AI, business analytics, business intelligence, and blockchain-based solutions, and the second is SportsTech vertical. The adoption of cutting-edge technology in numerous industries is fueled by ongoing AI research and innovation.

One of the critical elements increasing the pace of AI progress is the availability of historical datasets. Data scientists and researchers are encouraged to develop more quickly by the next-generation computing architectures, which have access to large datasets. Several industries have adopted AI due to advancements in deep learning and artificial neural networks. Spotflock’s do-it-yourself ML Studio makes it easy for both technical and management professionals.

The SportsTech vertical of Spotflock has built various AI-powered e-commerce, TeeTiming scheduling, and community App-based offerings for golf. It will disrupt how golf is played in India and the Asian sub-continent. The company is working through its partners with all the Golf courses digitization of their operations and another user interface to build an international standard golf experience.

“Our in-house IntelliHub platform can onboard any AI and Blockchain project in a span of 3 months, whereas the medium to large IT companies may take six months.

Our clients are pleasantly surprised and happy to see a functional migration model from normal manual operations to AI and Blockchain platforms in a month. The investment in technology among the Government of India, State Governments, Public Sector Undertakings, and private sector has been increasing at a never seen pace, and we are geared up to capture the market share,” said Mr. Sridhar Seshadri, Co-Founder of Spotflock.

He added that “AI is used to enhance players’ performance, besides providing global standards of service at golf courses, using AI in combination with simulators.”

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