13 New Models with Sustainability in Mind Range in Size from 43 Inches to 85 Inches and incorporate commonly requested professional features


Mumbai, 9th August 2023: Sony India is adding 13 professional BRAVIA 4K HDR displays to its expansive portfolio with the launch of the BZ40L, BZ35L and BZ30L series, which are optimized for commercial environments where reliability, picture quality, and broad compatibility are required. With options covering high-end, mid-range and standard needs, and sizes from 43 inches to 85 inches, the new lineup offers an extensive array of displays to address virtually every demand, while incorporating Pro BRAVIA users’ favorite features such as unparalleled image quality, a wider viewing angle, thoughtful professional features and a smart System on a Chip (SoC) platform.

A unique differentiator of the new lineup is the bright BZ40L series, which features a state-of-the-art panel treatment, unlike competitive displays on the market. The BZ40L’s Deep Black Non-Glare Coating offers both high haze and low reflection, while maintaining deep blacks and high contrast.

“We have witnessed a remarkable growth for the professional BRAVIA display offerings since our launch in 2021. We have expanded our 2023 line-up and added new features such as high haze, anti-reflection, non-glare portfolio that supports installations in bright high ambient light environments. With this development in our professional BRAVIA display offerings, we are mindfully seeking to satisfy the evolving preferences and requirements of our customers, while prioritizing sustainability. Pro AV users continue to rely on Sony’s professional displays due to their image quality, adaptability, and usability, and we are confident that they will appreciate the new alternatives given the remarkable combination of features.” said Nakashima Tomohiro, Deputy Managing Director, Sony India.

The latest professional BRAVIA display series consists of the following models:

BZ40L series: The high brightness, non-glare BZ40L series with X1 processing achieves 700 nits at a high 47% haze with anti-reflection (except for the FW-85BZ40L, which achieves 650 nits at 58% haze), without loss of contrast:

· FW-85BZ40L (85 inch)

· FW-75BZ40L (75 inch)

· FW-65BZ40L (65 inch)

· FW-55BZ40L (55 inch)

BZ35L series: The enhanced BZ35L series features increased storage and 550 nits of robust brightness and an X1 Processor:

· FW-75BZ35L (75 inch)

· FW-65BZ35L (65 inch)

· FW-55BZ35L (55 inch)

BZ30L series: The complete BZ30L series offers a full range of sizes, X1 processing and 440 nits of brightness:

· FW-85BZ30L (85 inch)

· FW-75BZ30L (75 inch)

· FW-65BZ30L (65 inch)

· FW-55BZ30L (55 inch)

· FW-50BZ30L (50 inch)

· FW-43BZ30L (43 inch)

All 13 models incorporate sustainability elements – from the use of SORPLASTM recycled plastic and less ink usage on the cartons for less waste and ECO Dashboard for better understanding of power consumption based on settings configuration. Additional common features include 24/7 operation, one step setting of pre-sets for easy configuration and customization, mirroring capabilities, Pro Mode technology for simplifying operations, a uniform bezel design, flexible installation for portrait and tilt mounting, as well as support for multi-display installation to enable tiling and a side logo for blend-in design purposes. The BZ40L and BZ35L series include an increased internal storage of 32GB for more flexibility and ease of use. All models, feature a new center alignment rail kit for easy mounting. The portfolio also incorporates a common chassis design for easily choosing suitable brightness models without requiring installation re-design.

The new professional BRAVIA display lineup will also support Sony’s Alliance Partner Network, allowing for even further integration and compatibility with established and emerging solutions providers across corporate, education, transportation and retail applications.


The BZ40L, BZ35L and BZ30L series will be available via Sony authorized distributors in India from 25th August 2023 onwards.