Roadcast bhatak gaye Campaign final4

17th Aug 2023, New Delhi: Roadcast, India’s leading innovator in automotive technology and a pioneer in the logistics industry launches a quirky new campaign ‘Bhatak Gaye?’. A new-age company, Roadcast believes in being innovative and consistently pushing the boundaries to create campaigns that are refreshingly unique and engaging. With their new campaign ‘Bhatak Gaye?’, Roadcast breaks away from the conventional norms of B2B marketing with a touch of creativity.

Conceptualized by Offbeat Pictures, ‘Bhatak Gaye’ follows Lord Yamaraj as he fails to deliver a soul effectively due to ineffective logistics communication! In the campaign, Lord Yamraj is using technology just like every other business owner nowadays. However, like most businesses, he also still relies on messages and whats-app for communication, which is counterproductive! The campaign highlights the endless possibilities of tech-based solutions by Roadcast for optimized last-mile delivery solutions. Speaking to a broader audience, the striking visuals serve as a captivating metaphor for the transformative impact of their services on the delivery ecosystem. This is true for both young and established brands. Where business life is filled with “Bhatak gaye” moments, Roadcast gives the perfect last-mile delivery management solutions to various industries and prevents late deliveries.

Speaking on the new ‘Bhatak Gaye’ campaign, Rahul Mehra, Co-Founder at Roadcast shares, “At Roadcast we help brands streamline their logistics. This new campaign highlights the need for tech-based, innovative solutions for the ever-evolving logistics industry. The business world is filled with rollercoaster moments full of unexpected twists and turns. When you’re chasing success, you are bound to hit some “Oops!” moments. This is where, Roadcast steps in, ensuring the best delivery management system for brands and the new campaign reflects the same with a touch of whimsy.”

Roadcast provides features like instant notifications, route optimization and seamless video streaming to brands to tackle bottlenecks in logistics and keep going on no matter what! With Roadcast, every deviation gives you a chance to change course toward your ultimate destination.