Riya Mulay

The Idea: “Ecoustic” is an attempt to create headphones using sustainable materials. The design is set apart from other headphones in the market due to its material, sustainability and form. Its other competitive products in the current market are made partially out of wood or processed bamboo. Apart from the electrical part of the headphones, ‘Ecoustic’ are made completely out of bamboo. They can be manufactured and assembled entirely in India, unlike ninety per cent of the headphones that are imported from China.

Features: The entire body and exterior of the earphones will be made out of bamboo. The reason for experimenting with bamboo is that there are multiple ways to harness bamboo and use it. Bamboo has good acoustic properties and is a natural amplifier of sound. Other products like bamboo Bluetooth speakers have been successful in the market and there is a rise in customer demand for well-designed, industrialized bamboo products. The lifespan of the product is predicted to be around 1- 1.5 years. ‘Ecoustic’ are designed to be sustainable, ergonomic as well as easy to manufacture.

This is a step towards Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s clarion call, “Vocal for Local”. The use of bamboo makes it sustainable in three aspects: environmentally, socially and economically. Bamboo being a sustainable material, unlike other headphones, it won’t add to the heaps of waste and plastic lying in landfills. Bamboo farmers, merchants and workers can get a good and stable flow of income through the same. The manufacturing could be cheaper due to local production while having a scope for new employment generation.