Reinventing Modern Workspace with Microsoft Surface Devices

Team Computers along with Microsoft Surface held a grand evening with 300 IT leaders on Friday, 24th March ‘23.

Team Computers, one of the leading IT solution providers in India, recently organized an event to showcase how the diverse range of Microsoft Surface devices can transform modern workplaces for organizations with better collaboration & security embedded in the devices. The event was attended by the top 300+ IT leaders, across industries.

At the event, an experience center was created to showcase all the latest Surface devices, Surface Hub 2 & Microsoft Hololens. The attendees were able to get firsthand experience of the innovative technology Microsoft’s Surface devices had to offer. They were presented with the latest features and functionalities that these devices bring to the table. Guests had an opportunity to interact with demos and explore how these technologies can modernize their organizations.

Additionally the event, also showcased how Microsoft’s Hololens and Hub Screen could be used together in virtual reality. People were able to explore how the two technologies can enhance each other with new possibilities for developers and enterprise users alike. With the Hololens, people were able to access and view 3D models, and videos which gave them a glimpse into how the devices can be used together in a real-world setting.

Mr. Ranjan Chopra, the managing director and CEO of the company, further highlighted the significance of modern endpoints and collaboration solutions for a hybrid workspace. He mentioned how deploying Microsoft devices provide an effective way to facilitate collaboration and remote working within organizations. By deploying these systems, companies like us have seen improvements in communication, productivity, and overall workflow.

In order to keep the pace of the event going strong, Team Computers invited Ravi Gupta, a renowned stand-up comedian, to perform his hilarious set. The audience was thrilled to witness his exceptional performance, which was filled with witty jokes and uproarious punchlines. His set of jokes, stories, and observations had the audience in stitches as everyone enjoyed a side-splitting evening. Ravi’s sharp wit and unique comic style kept the entire crowd engaged.

Overall, the event had a perfect glamour that was truly awe-inspiring. Every detail was carefully crafted which made it an incredibly memorable experience.