Winny Patro
Winny Patro, CEO & Co-Founder of Recordent Private Limited

Hyderabad, 29th June 2023: Recordent, a leading Credit-to-Cash Management platform, is proud to announce the launch of the “MSME Knowledge Center.” This initiative aims to empower Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) nationwide by providing them with the necessary knowledge, tools, and resources to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

MSME Knowledge Center, a dedicated section on the Recordent portal (, has been formulated to cater specifically to the needs of MSMEs. A team of experts from Recordent’s ecosystem has worked passionately to curate and create high-quality content for the Knowledge Center, ensuring it delivers immense value to MSMEs.

Recognizing the struggles MSMEs face in accessing information on government schemes and resources, the Knowledge Center aims to provide a comprehensive compendium of government schemes from the Central Government and 24 Indian states. This centralized resource will offer clear descriptions, eligibility criteria, and application procedures for each scheme, simplifying the process for MSMEs to leverage the support they deserve.

In the digital era, MSMEs are presented with a wide array of tools and software options, often leading to confusion and inefficiency. The Knowledge Center’s Digital Toolkit for MSMEs will serve as a curated guide, offering valuable insights on various digital tools and software solutions available in India. It will help MSMEs navigate the options and select the ones best suited to their unique requirements by providing information on their advantages, disadvantages, and pricing.

The MSME Knowledge Center will additionally feature a collection of insightful blogs covering various topics relevant to MSMEs, including analytics, trade credit insurance, credit reports, customer credit policies, and different types of business loans available to MSMEs.

To further enrich the learning experience, the Knowledge Center will host a series of webinars in collaboration with major industry and government bodies such as the National Institute of MSME, Taloja Industry Association, and Chambers of Commerce. These webinars will feature renowned industry professionals who share their expertise, insights into best practices, and the latest credit management trends and business growth trends.

“MSMEs form the backbone of the country’s economy and serve as one of the largest employment generators. However, they have faced significant challenges, and their survival, revival, and vitalization remain a priority. Recordent acknowledges the critical role played by MSMEs and is dedicated to supporting their growth and success. We are excited to bring the centralized platform – the Knowledge Center – which will enrich the learning experience for MSMEs and empower them to thrive. This initiative has the potential to significantly impact the growth and success of MSMEs.” said Winny Patro, CEO & Co-Founder of Recordent Private Limited.

Recordent provides a holistic solution to address the diverse needs of small businesses in India. Their comprehensive Credit-to-Cash Management Platform includes features such as accounts receivable management, payment reminders, legal notice assistance, analytics, trade credit insurance, business loans, and credit reports, among others.