pTron Receives Silver Award in Exchange4media IDMA Awards 2023 for Innovative Cube Ads Campaign.

Hyderabad, 16 August 2023: pTron, the rapidly growing and leading maker of affordable digital lifestyle and audio accessories brand in India, has been honored with a prestigious Silver Award at the Exchange4media IDMA Awards 2023. The award was bestowed upon pTron in recognition of its exceptional “Cube Ads Campaign” as part of the Republic Day Sale and was nominated by Amazon itself. The campaign was honour under the category of “Best Banners – Single/Campaign, Rich Media with or without Video.”

pTron was the first brand to introduce value-based products along with the assurance of a warranty. The products offered by pTron resonated very well among the buyers and this instilled confidence in Amazon to list products on timely basis and the partnership over the years has just grown beyond boundaries. pTron consistently demonstrated its commitment to exploring new avenues for showcasing its campaigns and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Collaborating with Amazon allowed pTron to leverage the Cube Ad format to its advantage, presenting an innovative and engaging visual experience to its audience.

pTron’s achievement in the Exchange4media IDMA Awards 2023 underscores its dedication to embracing novel advertising strategies and pushing the envelope of creativity. The brand’s successful Cube Ads Campaign serves as a testament to its ability to captivate audiences and effectively convey its brand message.

The Cube Ads Campaign, pioneered by Amazon, marked a significant milestone for pTron as it became the first brand to embrace this cutting-edge approach. The campaign’s uniqueness, coupled with its impactful execution, captured the attention of the judging panel and set pTron apart as a deserving recipient of the Silver Award.