Coimbatore, 26th September – Pricol, a leading global automotive products and solutions provider, is pleased to announce ‘Arogya Vanam’ – a one of a kind Tree Plantation Project in collaboration with Siruthuli. As part of this CSR initiative, Pricol and Siruthuli planted various medicinal trees on 24th September to show its commitment towards the conservation of India’s rich legacy of medicinal trees and plants, as well as to promote environmental sustainability.

Arogya Vanam has been thoughtfully crafted as an Experiential Centre, offering an educational platform to explore the diverse array of medicinal trees and plants native to our country. Pricol, recognizing the immense healing potential within our indigenous flora, is proud to present this unique tree plantation project with a focus on health and wellness.

In tribute to the pioneering contributions of Dr J. G. Shanmughanathan, Founder of Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, Dr G. Sivaraman, the distinguished Managing Director of Arogya Healthcare Chennai, presided over the launch event to help plant 93 types of medicinal trees, symbolizing their lasting impact on healthcare.

Additionally, as an expression of gratitude towards its Investors and Stakeholders, Pricol also planted an additional 66 trees, signifying unity and shared responsibility.

In total, over 900 trees, comprising diverse species across medicinal and herbal varieties were planted to create a thriving and ecological ecosystem.

In alignment with its commitment to environmental sustainability, Pricol, in collaboration with Siruthuli donated two electric vehicles (EVs), further emphasizing the company’s dedication to cleaner transportation and reducing the carbon footprint.