Paytm Insider partners with the Mumbai Rink Football League as the official ticketing partner

Mumbai, 20th May, 2023 – Football fever to grip Mumbai as the Mumbai Rink Football League (MRFL) teams up with Paytm Insider, India’s leading entertainment platform, to host Mumbai’s premier 5-a-side football franchise league, started on the 7th of May and will culminate on 28th May 2023. The league will be hosted at the Wings Sports Center, Bandra West, Mumbai.

By partnering with MRFL, Paytm Insider will be the official ticketing partner for MRFL which aims to bring together the best of Mumbai’s footballing talent and live sporting entertainment all under one roof welcoming football fans from across the city to an unforgettable experience. So, head on with your gang and experience exhilarating football action where the skills, stamina, and resilience of the players will shine through.

Set to be played in the 5-a-side rink football format, a fast-paced version of football played on a smaller, enclosed rink, the league will feature multiple teams representing different localities of Mumbai, who will be battling it out to win the largest prize given for a 5-a-side league. By providing a platform for the local and unexplored talent of Mumbai to showcase their football skills and finally prove their mettle, Paytm Insider and the MRFL promises matches that are set to be intense and exciting, offering entertainment for football fans! The underlying potential of these local footballers will get reflected incredibly in this tournament of 117 matches as the players engage in a free-spirited yet passionate contest right throughout the season.

Founded by Denver Fonseca, the Mumbai Rink Football League is governed by a team of experienced footballing professionals, Steven Dias and Godfrey Pereira who have worked tirelessly to bring this exciting competition to the city. Under their expert guidance and planning, the league has already attracted 34 Franchises , sponsors, revealing the growing interest in sports in Mumbai.!

So, as all the teams gear up for a nail-biting season of battling against each other on the ground, get ready to experience the thrill of this much-awaited football extravaganza. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch some of the best local football players in action and cheer for your favorite team as an exciting journey is ready to begin!

Speaking on the partnership, Varun Khare – Business Head, at Paytm Insider said, “At Paytm Insider, sports has always been a big focus. We have ticketed multiple leagues like ISL, PKL and recently the IPL amongst many others and will continue to support all sporting formats. There’s no doubt that football has the power to bring communities together whether through playing or even coming together to enjoy the sport. Moreover, Mumbai has a passionate and growing fan base for football and our association with MRFL aims at supporting talented players by giving them a platform to showcase their skills. With this association, we aim to promote and support local players and further strengthen our commitment to live sports.

Denver Fonseca, Founder, Mumbai Rink Football League, says “I believe that football is a sport that brings people together and builds communities. The league, which is a first-of-its-kind in the region, is built on the foundation of community rivalries, with the best footballers representing their respective localities which adds to the excitement and passion of the game! MRFL operates on a model where each franchise owner is responsible for developing their own franchise business model, this allows for a greater level of autonomy and flexibility for franchise owners, while still maintaining the overall integrity and consistency of the league. We are extremely happy to partner with Paytm Insider to promote the league and develop it further’

Steven Dias, former player of the Indian National Team and league administrator contributes “The sheer fabric of the league and its sub-division based on regions will ensure participation of the rich demographic dividend of the city and will celebrate local rivalries through franchises and players,”

Godfrey Periera, former Vice Captain of India and administrator of the league, stated, “The franchise league has also become a source of pride for the localities represented by each team. The community rivalries have strengthened the bond between players and fans, making it an essential part of the local sports culture in Mumbai.”