Mumbai/ New Delhi, July 27, 2023: Myplan8, a start-up providing a free, easy-to-use carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) tracker that provides insight into the carbon footprint caused by our day-to-day lifestyle, regular travel and food consumption habits etc. has launched a Carbon Directory in 8 key categories.

The start-up has simplified carbon emissions for water usage, energy used, food habits, pet animals, waste management, lifestyle – day to day activities, travel and electronics used. The company has listed almost 100 parameters to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint in these categories.

Under the food category, 30 food items have been listed. Consumption of 100 gms of beef can lead to 15.5 kg of CO2e emission which is equivalent to 78.7 km of driving a car. Similarly, 100 grams of lamb will lead to 5.84 kg of CO2e emission equivalent to 29.6 km of car driving. For some vegetarian food categories like pasta, 100 grams will lead to the emission of 0.264 kgs of CO2e or 1.3 km of driving. 100 grams of potato will lead to 0.5kg of emission which is equal to 0.2 km of driving a car.

In the energy domain, coal energy usage has the maximum and wind energy usage has the lowest carbon footprint. With solar energy consumption, one can reduce its carbon footprint by almost 15 times. In an average household of four people, the energy produced through coal will lead to 25 kgs of CO2e (125 km of driving a car). On the other hand, if we are consuming similar electricity produced by solar energy, CO2e release would be 1.44kg (7.3 km of driving).

“We are working towards building a carbon-conscious lifestyle”, said Koushik Sur, Co-founder of Myplan8. He further added, “From the moment we are born, we are all consumers. The world is expected to have 9.7 billion people by the year 2050. If we don’t change the way we use things now, the fast-dwindling natural resources on our planet will face more problems. With ‘Carbon Directory’ we are trying to help individuals understand their impact on the environment and help take conscious calls. The objective is to help people make good choices for the environment and future generations. This is just a humble beginning and we will add more and more products for environment conscious people. .”

Nidhi Mehra, Co-founder of Myplan8 said, “The WWF Living Planet Index shows that between 1970 and 2012, the world’s biodiversity dropped by 58%. It is the need of the hour that every human being on this planet comes together and makes conscious efforts to make better consumption choices for our planet earth and ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With minor changes in consumption habits, we can contribute humorously to the environment.”

The ‘Carbon Directory’ has been added to both the Myplan8 website ( and our app available on both Android and iOS. The team will be adding more and more things as per the UNFCCC framework and Indian consumer carbon impact in the future building it as a go-to search directory for consumer awareness.