Motia'z Royal Business Park

Punjab-based real estate company Motia Group organised a cleanliness drive at its commercial project Motia’z Royal Business Park, located at Delhi-Chandigarh National Highway 22 in Zirakpur. The cleanliness drive was a part of its fight against widespread diseases like Dengue and Malaria in Punjab currently.

LC Mittal, Director, Motia Group, said, “Health is paramount and the rapidly spreading diseases like dengue throw light on the high level of risk we are at. The best way to respond to it is to do a cleanliness overdrive to ensure safety. In a concerted effort to practice what we preach, we organized a cleanliness drive at our commercial project to ensure safety and protect our full-time employees, daily wage workers, and people living in adjacent areas to the project against dengue and malaria.”

Disinfectors, Sanitisers, and Tissue Papers are readily accessible from every zone and level. Adding further, he said, “Vacuum Cleaners, Scrub brushes, Microfibre cloths, Broom Sticks, etc were used to conduct the drive on a massive level and spread a message the purpose of cleanliness can be achieved through low-cost cleaning tools, which can easily be bought by common man from general stores. It does not require any high-end investment.”