Monsoon season is here and brings with it cloudy skies and heavy rainfall. With excess humidity in the air, skin and hair concerns like hair fall, breakouts, skin allergies, hair infections, and greasy scalp become quite common. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take care of your skin and hair. Ayurveda, a tradition in Indian History, is a practice that has a natural and pure approach to skincare that gives you radiant skin and protects you from the side effects of using chemical-based products. The Tribe Concepts is a brand that brings the benefit of Ayurveda to your home with products that are perfect for your monsoon skincare routine for flawless and healthy skin.

Face Brightening Daily Cleanser

The Tribe Concepts’ Face Brightening Daily Cleanser is a product packed with the goodness of 12 Organic Tribal Forest sourced ingredients that does wonders for your skin. If skin brightening and even skin tone is on your list of concerns then this product is perfect for you. In addition, the product will help in reducing the appearance of spots, tan removal and blackhead removal, giving you a radiant and clear skin.

Anti-Pigmentation and Toning Mask

The Tribe Concepts’ Anti-pigmentation and Toning Mask has an ayurvedic formulation that reduces the pigmentation on your face and body, dark spots, underarm darkening, age spots and dark patches. The astringent properties in the formula restores the health of your skin and brings a radiant glow to it. It deeply penetrates your skin for hydration and gives you an even toned skin.

Acne Spot Corrector

Ensuring proper treatment of pimples is important to prevent acne scars on the face. Therefore, using the right product is necessary to treat pimples. But fret not, as The Tribe Concepts has got you covered with their Acne Spot Corrector. It is made with Pure Wild Organic Cinnamon Extract of the finest quality to fight the pimples and acne on your face. It will also fade away your acne scars and blemishes from within your skin to give you a clearer looking skin.

Ubtan Body Cleanser

Say goodbye to your soap and instead use The Tribe Concepts’ Ubtan Body Cleanser. It is a natural product with 11 Organic Ingredients. Just after one use you will feel a difference on your skin. It will make your skin brighter and smoother while also removing tanning and pigmentation from your skin.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The Tribe Concepts’ Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a pure and natural oil that is made with utmost care by cold pressing fresh coconuts to extract 100% concentration to retain all its nutrients. The oil is unrefined, unbleached and no mineral oils are added to it. The oil can be used in multiple ways as a moisturiser, face cream, body and hair massage oil, lip scrub, and many more. With its numerous benefits for both the skin and body, this product serves as an ideal solution for addressing various skin and hair concerns that we commonly face in our everyday life.

Organic Hair Cleanser

The Tribe Concepts’ Organic Hair Cleanser is a natural shampoo that will effectively clean your scalp. Since during Monsoon season, our hair becomes greasy and itchy, the product will get rid of the dirt and excess oil sitting on your scalp while keeping the essential nutrients intact making your hair soft and manageable. It will restore the natural colour of your hair after regular use and will make your hair healthy from the roots till the end for a shining and smooth texture. The product is free of any chemicals and is a genuinely natural and organic solution for your hair. Unlike chemical based shampoos that can often cause damage, this product will preserve the health of your hair.

Root Strengthening and Conditioning Hair Mask

At Tribe Concepts, it is strongly believed that real ingredients used in their raw forms have a magic of their own on your skin and hair. Therefore, the Root Strengthening and Conditioning Hair Mask is enriched with raw ingredients like Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Liquorice. The product will strengthen the hair from the roots and deeply condition your hair for a healthy scalp and hair. It will stimulate hair growth and improve the texture of the hair for a voluminous hair.