LXS Moonshine Edition

24th August 2023, New Delhi: Lectrix EV is launching a special-edition EV Scooter to commemorate the landmark moment in India’s space ambitions. Lectrix will make limited units of the special edition scooter.

Lectrix Moonshine sports a golden emblem – two arrows facing the sky to connote India’s emerging space age. This ‘space age’ symbol is in fact a modification of Lectrix’s brand logo.

The countdown to the Moonshine launch was timed to the launch of Chandrayaan 3. When Vikram landed on the moon, the same moment Lectrix Moonshine was unveiled. The campaign invited people to post their aspirations on Instagram – asking people “What’s Your Moon?”. Once a fan writes his or her goal or ambition, the post “takes off” and soon it lands on a virtual moon on the site www.whatsyourmoon.lectrixev.com

Speaking about this special edition launch, MD & CEO, Mr. K. Vijaya Kumar of Lectrix EV said, “For today’s Indian Gen Z, sky is the limit. Or is it? They aim for the moon! The Indian moon mission shows how far you can go when you have the ambition and the right technology to take you there. At Lectrix, we want to encourage our consumer in setting and reaching their own personal goals. I am really excited about Moonshine. To do this we had strong belief in the new era of India’s space age. This is for everyone to remember and cherish.”

“This is not just one more social post as a part of moment marketing. It is walking the talk to allow customers to celebrate this landmark moment by actually offering a product that people can be proud to own. So, we designed a special look for the LXS Moonshine including a special badge. Riding the LXS Moonshine is like wearing a badge of pride.” Emmanuel Upputuru, Founder and Creative Chairman EFGH Brand Innovations.