Kolkata, 25 May 2022: Two of the eminent actors of Bengali cinema, Biplab Das Gupta and Anashua Majumdar are all set to present on stage the intrinsic timeless poetic qualities of these two legendary personalities of literature – Rabindranath Tagore and William Shakespeare. The programme is scheduled for Sunday 29th May 2022 at the Gyan Manch auditorium.


Down the ages, people have been reading classic creations of classic authors- be it plays, poems, short stories, or novels. But whenever we think of Bengali Literature, the first name that comes to our mind is Rabindranath and in the case of English Literature, it is Shakespeare. They are timeless as their thoughts and the essence of their creations transcend times. The duo has planned to bring two iconic literary legends on stage because they thought alike despite being born in two different centuries on two different continents. Both mastered the art of understanding human minds, human emotions, human relationships, and the human psyche.

Actor Biplab Das Gupta regarding ‘Willam Tagore Meet’ said, “Our performance shall include a unique amalgamation of anecdotes, readings, recitation and enactments with a total of six plays, which are ‘The Merchant of Venice’, ‘BISHARJAN’, ‘Othello’,  ‘MUSOLMANIR GALPO’, ‘BAWDNAM’ and ‘MACBETH’.

Anashua Majumdar added, “Both great personalities dealt with love, jealousy, revenge, betrayal and similar emotions which are inherent in human nature. Both condemned those human emotions which led to decadence, and adored them when those emotions upheld human values.”