The hiring process is often a long and arduous one, especially for HR managers who have to juggle multiple tasks amongst existing employees and new recruits. The need to find potential candidates with relevant skills quickly is a problem that requires a solution that is efficient and manageable. CBREX, a global recruitment platform has identified this gap and built itself around making hiring processes easier and smoother for recruiters and enterprises. Paving a way for managing relevant candidates to reach companies everywhere, CBREX has revolutionized the Indian hiring market drastically. Let’s take a look at the various solutions the platform provides:

Global Recruitment

Many companies have given their employees the option of choosing remote work or working from home leading to a change of perspective while recruiting potential candidates. Earlier direct recruiters would try to find location-specific candidates but currently, they have started focussing more on skills. Recruiters now seek skills and talents from across the globe however they lack the time needed to work on such hiring. CBREX with its all-in-one platform and network of providers across the globe has made international recruitment extremely smooth and easy. CBREX’s machine learning algorithms dramatically reduce the time required to fill a requisition by routing it only to those firms most likely to fulfill it. This combined with its transparent process from onboarding bona fide firms, to setting up requisition screening criteria, to scoring submitted resumes for fit means that enterprises receive screened resumes at scale.

Increased Hiring efficiency

A recruitment platform such as CBREX is a tool that helps organizations post job openings and manages the recruiting process. It can also be used to find and contact potential candidates.

By using a recruitment platform, organizations can save time and resources while still finding the best candidates for their open positions. Talent sourcing is done through various channels of which vendor sourcing accounts for 30-50%. Through CBREX’s on-platform tech-enabled tools such as Digital Vendor Management Systems, one can increase recruiter productivity significantly when it comes to vendor sourcing. CBREX’s Vendor list along with back-end personnel help companies connect with relevant and verified vendors. Using this route, companies can easily increase recruiter productivity and also minimize vendor hiring spending.

Candidate relevancy and turnaround time

Posting a job on a recruitment platform allows you to reach a wider audience than posting it on your company’s website. This increased exposure means that you are more likely to find qualified candidates for the position. The strength of CBREX lies in its engaged and curated recruiting agency base. More than 500 agencies log into the platform every day of which more than 50% use its mobile app. This ensures that hiring companies get access to pre-screened talent in super quick time (in some cases in less than 1 hour of a job going live).

CBREX is a platform that brings companies and recruited onto a single space to be able to find and share the profile of relevant candidates. Through the help of their network and expertise, CBREX hosts a number of recruiters who specialize in collating profiles of candidates fitting different demands. This helps companies reach out from the list of verified recruiters to those who can offer profiles for certain industries thereby reducing time for browsing, interviewing, and completing recruitment processes.