Singapore’s leading plant-based nutrition pioneer and
Asian food tech start-up, Growthwell Foods and the Country Farms Group, a wholly-owned entity of
Berjaya Corporation Berhad, announced an exclusive distribution partnership today. The partnership
will grant Country Farms Group’s CountryFarms Organics Sdn. Bhd. exclusive rights to Growthwell
Foods’ HAPPIEE!TM plant-based product portfolio, driving the launch of the brand across retailers and
foodservice channels across Malaysia.

HAPPIEE! plant-based food products will be available at selected AEON supermarket outlets in West
Malaysia by the end of June 2022. The brand will also partner with iconic restaurants and eateries
within the region to roll out special dishes made from HAPPIEE! plant-based food products later this
year. Through the strategic partnership with Country Farms Group, Growthwell Foods aims to
introduce the HAPPIEE! plant-based food to more restaurants and eateries across Malaysia by the end
of 2022.

“Country Farms Group is thrilled to partner with Growthwell Foods in launching its HAPPIEE! plantbased food products in Malaysia. With more Malaysians choosing to adopt veganism, vegetarianism,
or flexitarian diets due to a growing desire to improve their health and wellbeing, demand for plantbased alternatives in food and beverage continues to rise. HAPPIEE! plant-based food is wellpositioned to meet the needs of consumers, demonstrating that highly nutritious plant-based food
can be readily available and enjoyed from the comfort of their own homes,” said Louis Kho, Group
Managing Director and CEO of the Country Farms Group.

“Malaysians are becoming more interested in exploring plant-based alternatives due to health and/or
environmental reasons. This is a tremendous opportunity for Growthwell Foods to make plant-based
nutrition more accessible to support the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle.” said Manuel Bossi,
Group CEO of Growthwell Foods. “Country Farms Group’s impressive distribution network and
experience in plant-based and organic products, made them the ideal partner for Growthwell Foods
to enter the Malaysian market. We are excited to start seeing our products on Malaysian shelves and
accelerating the transition to a plant-based future,” he added.

Delivering accessible plant-based options in Malaysia with HAPPIEE! plant-based food

Created by Growthwell Foods Innovation and R&D Manufacturing Centre, HAPPIEE! plant-based food
is dedicated to enabling consumers to easily adopt plant-based options by providing sustainable and
highly nutritious plant-based alternatives to seafood and chicken, without compromising on taste.
The brand features a seafood line made from Konjac; an ingredient naturally free from cholesterol,
high in fiber, and low in calories that will also lower blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol levels,
and a range of soy-based chicken that emulates the taste and texture typical of chicken meat.
The following HAPPIE! plant-based food products will be made available in selected AEON
supermarkets by the end of June 2022:
• HAPPIEE! Fishiee Sticks
• HAPPIEE! Fishiee Patties
• HAPPIEE! Chickiee Popcorn
• HAPPIEE! Chickiee Nuggets

With the versatility to be incorporated into any cuisine and developed to be enjoyed anywhere,
HAPPIEE! plant-based food is catered for both consumers and chefs, complementing any restaurant
or home dining experience for all Malaysians.

Beyond its availability in retail supermarkets, HAPPIEE! plant-based food will also be made available
for food services distribution in Malaysia from 2022 Q3 onwards. Restaurant groups and chefs who
are interested to include HAPPIEE! plant-based goodness on your menu can reach out directly to
Country Farm Organics or Growthwell Foods.